Amazing news! My situation is solved! Including a laptop gift from my co-worker (2022.04.08)

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I have very good news. A lot of things happened today. I will write down everything. Today morning I went to work to Szolnok, Hungary as usual, but I told one of my co-workers (a very friendly and very kind lady) about my situation, including my plan to buy and live in a used working SUV from the next winter. At first she became very angry. She scolded me for this "insanely crazy, stupid and suicidal plan". Then her mood quickly turned to worrying. She was worried about my life. About my safety. She said that criminals would kill me for the SUV, for my amateur radio transceiver, and for my bird. "They would sell all of your stuff on the black market, and even if they would not kill you, you would become homeless.

(@felixxx and a few other people on the Hive blockchain worry about me for the same reason).

Then I honestly told her (my co-worker) that I already was homeless multiple times in my life. And I also told her that I do not really have anything else. Then she asked "No PC, no laptop?". Then I replied saying "Only my smartphone".

Then she asked "You use only your smartphone all day every day to browse the internet?". I replied with "yes". Then she scolded me again for "ruining my eyesight even more" (she already knew that I am visually impaired), then she offered the incredible to me. A laptop and a discussion with the mayor of the village "in my interests".

At first I thought that she is joking (I even laughed), but she made it completely obvious that she is not joking at all. She is completely serious about all of this, and she have very good personal connections. She know the major of my village very well. She very quickly arranged a personal meetup with the major for today afternoon, and she explained my entire situation and circumstances to the major. The major have not believed all of my disabilities at first (even in the presence of my co-worker), but then I proved all of them by showing my medical papers.

Even the major scolded me. For not speaking about all of my disabilities earlier. Yes. I have note even told them about all of my disabilities so far, because I felt ashamed. And now I feel ashamed even more.

I felt ashamed in most cases to ask people in the real life for help. I do not know whether this make any sense or not, but this is how and what I felt. Shame. I even told them about this. Then they told me that this is not my bad, and I should not feel this way.

But the main point is the fact that we worked out a solution. The major offered two things to help me, and of course I gladly accepted both. A discount on my rent, and a two hours per day cleaning part time job for the village municipality

Yes. Now I have two jobs. One packaging four hours per day part time job, and a two hours per day cleaning part time job. I start the latter in the next month (on 2022.05.01).

At first I have not even know how could I thank them. I said thank you so much to them multiple times. I almost cried.

The Hungarian government usually do not care (they know all of my disabilities), but the village municipality does.

With the additional job, my income will reach the local minimum wage, and thank you to the new discount on my rent, I will be able to financially afford/maintain this rent, and I will also be able to save money.

And finally about the laptop. This was before the discussion with the major. So my co-worker bough a brand new HP 15s for me. She bought it in front of my eyes, and she said that "Consider this as an early present/gift for your 30th birthday". She knows that I will be 30 years old. We know each other for three years. Since I started working at this company.

I am not going to lie. I literally cried this time. Shame or not shame, I literally cried. Because of happiness and gratefulness. A brand new laptop. I also said that I do not even know how to thank her for this huge gift. She said "Just do not do anything stupid and irresponsible".

Of course I promised this to her. She is really very worried about me, I saw it on her face. As I know, she have not told this to my/our boss, nor to other co-workers about all of this. I honestly hope that this stays this way. I already feel huge shame for accepting this huge gift. Okay, it is for my 30th birthday, but this is still huge from a co-worker, who know me for three years.

HP 15s.

AMD Ryzen 3 4300U with Radeon Graphics 2.70 GHz.
256 GB SSD.
Windows 11 Home.
Full HD (1920x1080) screen.
HP TrueVision HD Camera.

A few photos, including the writing of this post on Ecency.

At first, I opened Hive Blog.

One of my recent reblogs.

The icons of Windows 11, the HP logo, and the speakers of the laptop.

Factory AMD Ryzen and AMD Radeon stickers.

The beginning of this post on Ecency two hours ago (screenshot).

I will write more posts about this laptop soon, but I think that this blog post is long enough, because I already wrote more than 800 words. I rarely write long posts like this, but this time I felt that I had to.

Probably today's events will make a few Hive users happy, who read my posts.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


I'm happy to hear your good news. The combination of real life becoming easier and your new ability to post more easily!

Very happy, enjoy

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And I will also be able to do more things with the laptop, including running amateur radio softwares
(for example WSJT-X) again, and playing video games again. I already started downloading League of Legends. I have not played the desktop version since years.

Thank you for the support.


Am really happy for you gotten a new job that help you and a brand new laptop as gift. Happy blogging.stay safe awesome and alive.

I am very excited about both of them. I keep doing the packaging job in the morning, and I will do the cleaning job in the afternoon from the first day of the next month (from 2022.05.01).

Thank you for the support.


I wish you all the best buddy

Wow, that is a very nice gift and I am glad that small communities are working together to help each other. I hope you enjoy the laptop because I couldn't get used to using my phone to write posts.

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Congratz buddy ^^

Well, you have too many events to be congratulated on, starting from that new job, new laptop, subsidized rent, and of course, the happiness you are feeling right now.....congratulation my friend. 😄

And as the lady said, don't do anything irresponsible 😉
Good luck!

It's very nice to know there are kind people helping others, congratulations for your nice gift and happy birthday in advance! She was super nice for all she did, this make my day hehe, nice to see good friends, hope you can achieve your goals with these good news!

I wish you the best, hope all coming better for all✨.

This is great buddy am glad you found help from your colleague and mayor of your village. I have always wonder how you are going to survive living in SUV.

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If I think about this more deeply, and about the words of my co-worker, then probably I would not survive long living in an SUV. I am very happy and I am very glad that I received help (a new job and a rent discount) to be able to financially maintain this rent, and I am also very happy and very glad for the new laptop. It works very good. I have a stable 60 FPS in League of Legends in Full HD resolution (1920x1080).


Nice! Keep up! Life is strange but incredible beautiful!

what a good friend and nice gift, keep up the posts👍👍

Yes. This is truly amazing. The laptop is an early birthday gift from her for my 30th birthday, which I will celebrate on 2022.09.17. And the additional job in the village is even better. I start it on the first day of the next month (on 2022.05.01). So I will be able to live normally, including financially being able to afford my rent in the winter. And I will even be able to save money.

Thank you for the support.


So amazing!
I am really happy for you, and what a great friend you found in your coworker.

I am so happy for you!


Thank you.


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I congratulate you brother. It is said that testimonies are contagious so I pray I contact this your good news. I am currently serving as a Youth Corper in Portharcourt Nigeria and my year (400l) in school as a computer science student was without a laptop and God help me to work through my friend's laptop on my final year project. I used my friend's system till now and also affects my eye's sight. I trust God this month for a system and I had thought about writing on my blog that I need a system. 0

Congrats for all of it! It’s really great that the major helped you out instantly and your co worker is a really kind person. All the best!

I'm happy for you! new job and new laptop! you got help too, that's great news!

Congrats! There are still good people in this world. I'm happy for you and I hope your laptop will serve you well! 👏 😎

Yay! Soo happy for you!

Very happy for you!
Hope you can improve your situation further over time.

Hopefully. I have a few plans.


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