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Young children, I think, before they really achieve a sense of awareness, usually live right for the moment. It's a very innocent way of life. Once we achieve self-awareness and, particularly, a sense of our own mortality, we really begin to be aware of our choices.

The medieval years saw people definitely act through a sense of fear; a fear of eternal damnation. And we definitely see fear at play today: fear of "other people" (I call that "Fear of The Other"), fear of losing a job, fear of war, etc. It's a great motivator for those who know how to manipulate it.

On a more personal level I think the people that I admire the most are those who do not have a fear of failing, which has always been my most damning demon. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is what makes a person great.

I'm personally still looking for "that thing," or purpose. I know what I'd prefer to do, but not sure it's a purpose. If I ever find it I'll let you know.

Thanks for the thoughtful post!


Kids are indeed anchored into the present. Maybe way more than we could ever be. I totally agree with you that fear has been used to control the masses. This practice has been taking to another level nowadays.
Until almost a decade ago I was afraid of failing. Then life failed on me. My only choice was to move forward without carrying anymore about x, y or z. What was then my blackest hour turned out to be a great fork where I woke up to the new me.

That's a great way to make a positive out of it! One of the best quotes I've ever heard was "We succeed, or we learn." I think that's a positive outlook too.

One of my former employers used to say this. He always talk about negative experiences using only positive words.

Young children, I think, before they really achieve a sense of awareness, usually live right for the moment

That and preconceived notions. Once you start getting these ideas which make "logic" and "rational" changes to your perception, your entire world-view is forever alerted.


Yes! While I'm a person of science and logic, it's always a little saddening to see a sense of wonder and magic slip away from the child as they grow out of it and are taught out of it. It's a sense of innocence that is lost.