Tomorrow is Pi Day! - Thinking to Present a Game Called Virtualgrowth

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Game of virtualgrowth as a way to express myself, learn, and teach ideas through numbers and more.

numbers game


Once wrote a five minute talk on the number pi. To cover a good chuck of my time I remembered it to well over a hundred digits.

This is what it looks like to a thousand digits!


Also greatly looking forward to the Ragnorak NFT game as well being a mix of many games I have great passion of and for.

Thoughts point towards a more simplistic game which will be playable through blogs. Some information. Some interaction. Some value. Some giving. Send / receive tokens and NFTs and get rewarded. While creating some form of meta game that may be strategized by players to get more value over time through some variety of actions and choices. Some ideas just haven't found a home. Some things am just not able to do. Some things working out while others are not. So looking to discover and explore numerous things to get back in the swing of many things. Mostly thinking that expressing through some form of game may work best. Shall see what becomes.

piday (million digits)

Tomorrow is pi day. Then one week later is March 21st. This is the beginning of the year. This is the time of spring. This year it is also the new moon. Making a very interesting time. Seems to be the time to set forth and make time for other continuous studies in part for this happening and other things that line and align.

Token distribution of the virtualgrowth (vg) token will change a bit starting tomorrow as well. In time there will be some form of a treasury. One thought is to evolve towards decentralization and some form of a DAO (/DAC). Will be open to ideas of mini proposals from the start. This will continue forward. While also allotting time, effort, and resources to other people and projects partially due, and work(s) in progress through proof of concepts and working orders of whatever may work in order through the chaos.

Token holders will continue to get some upvotes, posts shares, and basics.

A particular NFT will come forth sometime soon with with multiple price points. The NFT may be traded for price A, B, or C. Thus having a range of minimum values across different bases. Thought is to step away from the single based systems as an example and expressing value in a multitude of values. Each ever changing. But different minimal levels may or may not be "hit" depending if one may simply be more dominant where one may always be the lower, or (another) be the higher minimum value at and over time.

Happy Pi Day



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