Documentary Recommendation Of The Day: The Life And Works Of Pythagoras of Samos

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Good evening once more from Romania, fellow HIVE users and dear readers outside of HIVE! For today's documentary recommendation of the day on my behalf to you, I dearly wanted to share a great documentary that I recently had the privilege to watch at my local university at the Ethics course on the life, works, and legacy of Pythagoras of Samos.

You might recall Pythagoras solely from your early math classes but by watching the following documentary, you will be pleasantly surprised to get to know more details on his amazing life, works, and deeds. You will get to discover more about the man, myth, and mathematician that Pythagoras was as well as his life-long pursuit and goal for establishing peace, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece. His legacy very much fortunately lives on to this day!

Therefore, that being said and without any further needless ado or unwanted spoilers on my behalf, I wholeheartedly recommend integrally watching the amazing documentary below.

I truly hope you had a great experience by watching the amazing documentary embedded via Youtube above on the life, works, and deeds of Pythagoras of Samos. All the best and God bless you!

Many blessings your way, all the best once again, much health, take care, stay safe, and, just as in the words of Ringo Starr, peace and love your way! Great peace and a lot of love your way, I might add! Have an excellent and most peaceful day along with your close/dear ones! Namaste and great peace your way once again! 😊🙏✌️☮️

Also, please don't forget to keep praying for Ukraine and its people! Much love, blessings, and peace to Ukraine and the Ukrainians as well! May the war stop very soon! 💛💙🇺🇦

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