Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations

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I found a link to this paper today, and while I'm still working through it, I consider what I have learned from it already so important to prompt sharing it here without delay. It reveals multiple pathways and immune mechanisms disrupted by the jabs. There are so many of such subtle, and alternatively blatant, action that I am even more skeptical of any beneficial intent of their developers.

I strongly encourage everyone to read it.


My mom died tonight. She developed cancer after getting the vaccine. I told her whatever you do do not get the vaccine. She said she wasn't. She wasn't eventually became "I'll do what I want". I pretty much figured she got the vaccine otherwise she'd just said she wasn't. Sunday we went there to fix her Easter dinner as we thought it would be our last. She looked over at me and said "are you going home to blog tonight" and I said probably, it was the way she looked at me shaking her head up and down that said I should have listened to you. After her passing tonight I asked her neighbor if she knew if my mom got the vaccine. She said yes they all got the vaccine, meaning her, my mom and my step dad, they hang pretty close together. My step dad stepped forward and he said they did get it but no more. In essence he was telling me my mom told him to listen to me.

I'm so sorry. I wish I could do something. If there's anything I can do let me know.

Dear @sunlit7, I mourn the death of your mother.

Dear @valued-customer, You are definitely a brave person who knows no fear!
If you make this claim in the world I live in, you will certainly receive a five-year prison sentence for spreading false information, insulting the state and defamation.

Individuals who denounce and expose the policies, practices and secrets of the overlords who rule the world in which I live will face three to five years in prison.

My respected senior @valued-customer, Perhaps you will remember why I hid my location and nationality.
If I do not want to go to prison, I must offer enslaved silence and humiliating obedience to the overlords.🤣

Overlords will put me in prison immediately if they decide that I am exposing the country's secrets to foreigners like you.

You are more brave than am I then, because no such threats of prison hang over my head for making this post. In your circumstances, the linked paper must be rare information. I hope you make good use of it.

Dear @valued-customer, I always envy Americans for their spirit of freedom and liberation. Because they achieved independence and liberation by fighting the British Empire with their own power, they are still at war with the Overlords.

However, those born to be slaves of the Overlords from the beginning do not even realize that they are now slaves.

It is a pity that I cannot spread your great arguments and datas to the world in which I live.😔

All religious groups, including Christianity and churches in the world I live in, are all servants of the state. They claim only obedience to the state and overlords. So, I'll have to be more careful with their surveillance.

Dear my senior, I hope your healthy and long life!

France actually won the American Revolution.

Good health and long life to you.

Do you know Janus?

I have seen references to a video or a game involving a virus called Janus, but am otherwise unfamiliar with it. There is also a reference to Janus in the paper this post links to.

"The indirect anticancer effects are predominantly carried out
through gene transcription activation of the Janus kinase signal trans-
ducer and activator of transcription (JAK/STAT) pathway. IFN-α bind-
ing on the cell surface initiates JAK, a tyrosine kinase, to phosphorylate
STAT1 and STAT2 (Asmana Ningrum, 2014)."

But, that's all I know of Janus.

Why do you ask?

Here are some more infos
I especially like the briefing through series long before


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