It might be that I've got infected

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Hi everyone,

Despite the fact that I was vaccinated (Pfizer vaccine, and had a high level of antibodies), and I took extra care (limit my contacts and were mask where needed), I believe I've got infected...

All started last evening with symptoms similar to a seasonal flue, but now I feel like I was hit by a truck - but to be exact, I have no clue what does it mean to be hit by a truck.

The first antigen fast-test was positive, and I'm waiting now for the PCR confirmation.


My vital data looks very good at the moment: my body temperature is 37.3°C, oxygen saturation level at 98% SpO2, and pulse at 111 bpm.

I started with some first medication, and let's see how this will go...


I hope everything goes well.

thank you!

That thing looks like a pregnancy test. You sure you're not just having a girl?

Oh what was that this is a coronavirus?

Oh yeah it would be part of the common cold family. Wearing a mask is like putting up a chain link fence for mosquitoes.

The vaccine was complete and utter hypocrisy. And a complete scam targeting individuals who believe the government.

And of course now you are sitting here with the flu.

Never fear there is a 99.965 rate and I got it twice. Yep I got the really bad alpha variant that nearly killed me. And as a result the Delta variant really was a low performing cold.

So keep yourself warm and follow all of the normal guidance for combating a cold.

Also use alcohol vapors like actually vodka rum or whiskey alcohol vapors to help sterilize your lungs by inhaling the fumes and doing a set of a few of that a few times a day. That really helps to limit the impact of the lung infection.

It's okay. You will be fine I just barely got done getting over it myself.

alcohol vapor pads though? I mean....that's a new one.

That's what the thickening agent in cough syrup is and the reason why there was medical exemption during prohibition.

And also wear the term Grandpa's cough medicine came from.

Basically it coded the lungs and you inhaled some of the alcohol vapors knocking back the lung infections.

I generally have a bottle that's mostly empty and I just huffed the alcohol fumes out of the bottle with a straw.

LOL. Oh ganja. You are your huffing.

Hey it works!!!

Actually you could totally put it on a pad and inhale it like people do chloroform! Lol

I realize this. However, inhaling it for antiseptic purposes? I mean...that's new. Maybe I'm just ignorant? But last I checked, inhalation of alcohol is slightly dangerous, potentially addictive, and also -- not antiseptic. If this were the case, everyone who smoked e-cigs would be immune.

Ecigs don't contain alcohol...

And yes that's the reason an alcoholic hot drink is beneficial during a lung cold.

And this is stuff from the grandparents. The old ways.

Well, I will say, the old ways deserve far more credit. There is a reason folks did things the way they did.

Yep there's been a lot of knowledge that we have lost over the course of human history.

Just imagine where would be if we could keep it all here with us and send it down the generations

I knew a super old lady who had all KINDS of amazing remedies that she was brought up with as a little girl. When she was a little girl, her parents used to allow the fruit to go moldy and they'd feed it to the kids and put the mold on infections to eat the bacteria. Predecessor to penicillin apparently. That's how they done things. She also had an activated charcoal salve she used to place on snake and spider wounds to remove the poison and barbs from the skin tissue. It would just come out in a blob. Whereas now, it eats away at the skin and makes people sick.

She had another thing where someone had a wound that was bleeding in his leg, so she walked out to the nearby woods and gathered morning spider webs, rolled them up, and compressed them on his wound to help coagulate the blood so it would stop bleeding. And he survived. He would have died. It was his femoral artery.

You don't see that shit at the hospital!! LOLOL

We've been CONDITIONED and INDOCTRINATED to place too much authority and trust into a system that robs us of the ability to place trust in the human body, and the human mind, and the human spirit.

Not to say medicine and doctors can't help. They absolutely can, and I am grateful for them. However, they should not be the ultimate authority on my body. I SHOULD. I should be the one who knows when something is wrong, and I should have the ability to tune in and figure out what to do about it.

And there are spiritual healers all over the globe who help you tune into your body and find what it actually needs. I actually do that. I know how. It's not something I specialize in, but I've done it TONS. And I have been able to help people find relief from illnesses and symptoms no other medicine or specialist could find a cure for. In just one or two short sessions.

It boggles my mind we don't teach this more. Or do it more. Boggling.

The vaccine is supposed to make any infection that does take place be more mild, hopefully that stays true for you!

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