Blue Screen Of Death...

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After 5 'blue screens of death' today I realize I need to take action before disaster strikes and my laptop will die on me.



It's been going on for months. My dinosaur laptop is dying. Some days it gives me one blue screen of death after another, other days it works like a charm.

The problem is the internal battery. It's drained and should be replaced.

For some reason, the error is triggered by using the keyboard; as long as I only use my mouse, everything is fine, but when I type three words, the system runs into a problem and needs to be restarted.

These last couple of days have been very frustrating, to say the least.

New Toy

About three or four weeks ago, I purchased a brand new laptop. I usually can't wait to try out new toys, but in this case that's different. Believe it or not, the new toy is still unopened, tucked away in a corner of the room.

The reason for that is simple: it's going to take me days to install and configure all software I have on my old laptop. I'm really not looking forward to that.

I Need To Take Action

... before it's too late.

It's just a matter of time before the old one dies forever, which would be a disaster.

I realize that I need to get the new one going before that happens, so I can be sure I still have access to any data I might have forgotten to back up.

It's a horrible task, but it needs to be done. :0/
Wish me luck...


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Just an attempt to lend a little help....
If there is a trusted computer store near you, they can "ghost" all your data and software to your new hard drive and get it set up for you. It cost a little bit but normally not much. In my eyes it's definitely easier, quicker and safer then reinstalling everything. If you are confident in yourself you can even do it. Maybe look into it and see if it looks doable for you. Here is a link with a little information.

I asked at the place I bought it, and they said it would be safer to reinstall everything. After 6 years, there are a lot of system problems and missing reg files and stuff...
Plus, I need to sort out what I want to reinstall and what not.

That may be the case. 😁
But in the mean time, the "HAL initialization" error is probably being caused by the keyboard itself.(since you said when you use it it messes up.) Maybe try a wired or wireless keyboard in the meantime.(may be worth it if you are like me and will take an actual death of the laptop to finally set up the new one.) I'm any case i hope it works out well for you.😃🤗

It's frustrating as always...

Just a tip, BSODs don't kill your hard drive (unless you are really really really really really unlucky, which that means it's very very very very very unlikely to happen), so you can take your time to play around with the new laptop and install those software...and when you need the old files, just pop the hard disk out from the old one, get a suitable adapter (mostly a SATA-USB cable if it's old enough) and you are free to do whatever you want with it from that point onwards :)

It's pretty unlikely to be a battery issue as well, since if you trigger it with the keyboard, most probably it's an Windows internal issue or something with your motherboard. Anyway, get the new laptop up and running as soon as possible! Good luck too :3

BSODs don't kill your hard drive

Wow! That's good to know. Makes me feel a lot safer (...she says, still typing on the old laptop, lol), although I would have no idea how to take out the hard disk, lol.

Darn, there goes my image... My friends consider me to be the PC wizard, because I know how to use Task manager, lol. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, you know. Hahaha

Yeah, since BSODs are just like "Windows met something it cannot resolve so it gave up and just restart the whole thing as a solution"... although there is the chance that the BSOD is caused by the hard disk, but it's not likely the case for yours :)

I did have the same last week! Scares me always!

by the way: same things happen with a dozen of my friends lately, as I noticed. my bike, wife's iphone to name a few... a a pretty solid amount of stuff, just to be a random. probably its such a time priod. sometimes that shit happens... soon it will ends...

Imagine it occurring like 6 times in a row, 3 days a week... :0(
I should have taken action a long time ago... still haven't started setting up the new one, though - lol. Everything is working fine again, so I'm like... I don't wanna lose more time... :0/

Just back up your data, photos, etc. And let that dinosaur go.... I use Linux, so I could have a new laptop up and running in 30 minutes easily. Microsloth Windblows is horrible, and 2nd only to Google in theft of data and monopolized manipulation. All proven and documented.

I know, but it's what I've been working with for as long as I can remember. I know my way around Windows too good to start over from scratch again.

(Not for as long as I can remember. This was my first one, lol:


Now that's a real dinosaur :0)
Didn't even have floppy disk yet, only cassettes...

Oh I remember the dos days of having to type in commands to run software which wasn't on a hard drive. Those old computers were made to last forever because the companies actually thought people would be using them forever...unlike today when everything is built to be tossed in 3 years.

It's bad for the business when something lasts a lifetime. I know of at least one Belgian car company that went bankrupt because their cars were too good, lol

Good luck! Joe had that 'Blue Screen' scared a few weeks ago as well, and was so frustrated that time, but she said it was the CD player that trigger it and now the laptop is working fine! I guess she needs to get a new one soon if what you are saying is true, that the laptop won't last long...

According to @lilacse, BSODs don't kill your hard drive. So worst case scenario it's just a matter connecting the old hard drive to a new laptop...

Oh, the agony of transferring!!!

In my class, we get BSODs from time to time...mostly from things we know why (like some buggy applications triggered situations in which Windows didn't know how to handle properly, or at times we borked some drivers and stuff...). It doesn't really hurt the laptop if it's a software problem (and yes, we continued to use our laptops for years), but if it's caused by some faulty hardware...better send that to check :) It's not really that easy to find the cause for some BSODs, but sometimes you can get a hint on the cause by recalling the last thing you did before the BSOD happens. If it's just another normal day and it just randomly happened without you trying out any new things and it repeatedly happens, maybe let someone check the hardware. Otherwise, just assume that Windows choked and it's an accident :P

At least the blue screen on Windows 10 isn't as scary as the ones we had in Windows 98 and Windows XP. Plus, it does offer better feedback to the user about what happened instead of just posting binary codes on the screen.

Currently still using 8.1. Never had any BSOD's before, so I can't compare.

Then again, it is telling me it's a problem with the internal battery, but someone in the comments section here commented it is unlikely to be that and probably a, internal issue or something with the motherboard...

Idk... I know my way around a computer pretty good, but I don't know a single thing about the technology...

I totally get it. My laptop is also aging and I recently opted to replace the battery and have it cleaned and tuned up, because I am dreading setting up a new computer the way I like it.

Hope you get around to your new laptop before the old one dies.

Thanks. I hope so too.

I thought about replacing the battery, but after 6 years of being used almost 24/7, there are a lot of things wrong with the old one. Besides, I did like the idea of having an ultra-fast new toy. :0)
I'm gonna be happy once I've set it up...
I really got to stop postponing and get to it. It feels like such a loss of time, but in fact I'm losing way more time right now, with the system having to restart multiple times a day...

didnt you think about replacing the internal battery for your old rexie laptop?..

I did... but in a way I liked the idea of having a super fast, shiny new toy :0)
I only wish there was a magical way to have it like I want it to be in a couple of minutes...

I had the same problem with a really old laptop where the battery was completely dead. Every time I turned it on I had to re-set the clock or it wouldn't work. In the end I gave it to a beggar in Thailand and he was absolutely overjoyed with it

Nice of you. I'm sure he could have traded it for something...

OMG @simplymike you have both my sympathy and my best wishes for the pain. I always say that I need a brain transplant every time I get a new phone or laptop. May the force be with you! 🥂

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Lol. That's why I just bought the modern version of my old laptop... so I wouldn't need that brain transplant :0)

I get you. Hope the OS is the same. Windows 10 keeps on changing....and that's exactly why I stick to the same phone brand....and the ease of transferring data and apps.....

Try and save all your info before its too late;) Blue screens are no fun at all!


That said, congrats on the new computer. What did you get?

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That sucks 😢 on an ini file too. I think you better get the new one up and going sooner rather than later. Just think of how nice it will be when you do get it setup. It's going to run so smoothly no crashes 😁

And it's gonna be soooo fast compared to this one. I know it's going to be an absolute delight once it has been set up... but still... :0)

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