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RE: What makes you tick?

in #life2 years ago (edited)

Yes, indeed @lymepoet, ”What makes us tick?” In the rich diversity of your readers all over the world, there are likely many different answers to this question which you been inspired to capture for us and expand upon here in your post. The one universally common element, which I have written about myself recently, is our time.

”When you take in consideration that we all die at one point and that tomorrow is not given, you see things in a new perspective. You become more selective with your time.”

”This limitation of time changes your interactions with others and makes you more aware of what is worth or not. That's when you should understand that living in the future will not make you happier. It won't make the years come back and it won't change your past.”

[emphasis added mine]

In amongst the differing responses we’ll all have to the rest of your post, keeping our understanding of our time in proper perspective is, I believe, essential. For this Steemian, “looking back in the rearview mirror,” I wish I had come to this realization a lot sooner in my life than I did …

Thank you for creating this well written and thought-provoking post Lavi. With the dawning of each new day, I hope and pray you will continue to find strength and hope for persevering in your struggle against sickness. Having a cousin of our family inflicted with your same challenge, I know it is possible.