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Dear @robertoueti

This is both fascinating and terryfying. The truth is that politicians and regulators most likely will (or maybe they won't) sooner or later wake up, having protests and riots all over the place. Witnessing economies falling apart and unemployement skyrocketing.

We "humans" are still the most destructive force that exist and corporations with their AI's would have to understand, that their existance also depends on us. Desperate people are very easy to manipulate and push toward destruction.

I expect tons of regulations forcing companies to create jobs to be able to function. I've seen it already happening in many industries in the past.

Future isn't very promising. There is no way we "humans" would simply disappear.


I don't think we will need laws and regulations that cause companies to open jobs, I just believe that people will need to look for different jobs. That's how it happened when we had tractors doing the manual work of a hundred men. They did not become unemployed, only had to switch to a more specialized service.

Dear @robertoueti

I don't think we will need laws and regulations that cause companies to open jobs

Of course we do. Especially if you want to take care of those people that are jobless and cannot find a way to get a job.

I used to work in Ireland years ago and I've noticed that almost every shop in downtown would have a security guard. Mcdonald's would have them too. Sometimes 2-3 people standing in front of the shop, doing nothing.

They were not really needed. However I soon found out that insurance companies are offering some discounts to particular type of businesses if those businesses would hire security officers.

Insurance companies would have some tax deductions for doing that. And everyone's happy.

Then I got a job in IBM and I realized that entire night shift (factory workers) is pretty much doing nothing. Almost all stations would be closed for cleaning and maintanance. Noone really cared much about work done by this shift. Most those people would be sitting close to their stations half-awake.

I asked around and I found out that IBM received some special tax conditions but in order to maintain them, they need to provide some particular amount of jobs. So they created night shift and placed all most useless people on that shift. Just to reach their "employment" target.

Everyone happy again.

In my opinion millions of useless jobs can be created in the future, simply to avoid people rioting and coming out to the streets.


But useless jobs are terrible. In addition, the customers of these companies are also paying for these useless jobs. Perhaps companies would have cheaper products and services for the entire population if these jobs were purged, and thus society as a whole would prosper.

Dai would be told, but what about the people who were going to be sent away? There is always some work that is not useless to be done. In Brazil, we have thousands of people selling food on the streets and there are just no more, because the government regulates, which is terrible for these people. Also, many people are working with delivery applications and others like Uber for example.

And when we have no more cars? Well, we will have scooters and electric bikes that will need to be taken to the charging stations and for that they will need people to do it. Or, we will need people to clean cars, sell some products cheaper, anyway ... There are thousands of jobs that are very useful and do not need legislation to do so. We have to be careful to think that governments need to legislate about this, because every time the government creates something for someone else's benefit, it pays for it, without consent, and unwilling to pay.

Cheers my friend!

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I was outraged how AI is helping us solve problems that previously needed humans.


Hm... I don't think that I used the correct word, but I was amazed or impressed I think theses describes better hahaha!

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