I think the MetaVerse might just leave me stuck in the 2010s

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I didn't bother attending Hive Fest this year, or maybe that should be 'I'm not bothering' as possibly it's still live, I don't know, I didn't pay it much attention.


Don't get me wrong, I'm all up for HiveFests, I've been to two IRL ones, and I'll probably go to what will hopefully be the next IRL one in what I imagine will be around this time in November 2022.

But when it comes to interacting in Virtual Spaces with VR head sets, mikes and Avatars, it's all just too much for me.

My Dad often says he feels like he's stuck in the 1950s, he doesn't have an internent connection or even a mobile phone and I think the MetaVerse may just be where I end up being stuck in the 2010s, and, like my Dad sans net, happily so.

I tried to attend Hive Fest last year, but my experience was severely retarded due to my limited technology - reliant on a 4G connection and and a Mac Book, but it wasn't the technology so much, rather than just the severe awkwardness, for me, of interacting via avatars.

I REALLY don't like talking on the phone BTW, and that's the closest equivalent of the VR experience ATM - there's just a disconnect for me between people's avatars and what I'm hearing and it's just basically like a group phone call, and I don't like that.

I don't actually mind collective Zoom meetings BTW, in fact I quite enjoy them, but I like to be able to see the actual people I'm talking to, in their actual environments, it's somehow more grounding.

I had the same thing when I tried to attend the Polygon Festival earlier on this year, in an altspace similar environment - I just hated it - you wander up to someone and it's basically like having a phone conversation while the avatars you see in front of you bear no resemblance to the people you're talking to vocally.

Maybe it's different with a headset? It could well be, but I most certainly don't have the tech ATM to make one of those work for me.

The MetaVerse.... Too much effort compared to IRL....?

And then where's all this going?

Obviously I've got no interest in investing my time and/ or money into building a virtual 'home' in a centralised metaverse hosted by Facebook, but even if something like Decentraland took off, I REALLY can't be dealing with constructing my own virtual space there either.....

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 17.42.43.png
No interest in getting pally with Cleggy in Facebook's Meta.

I mean it's just not me - I don't spend money on fashionable clothes IRL, I don't spend money on decorating my home environment, I don't really do aesthetics....

Except for natural, functional aesthetics - that's what appealed to me about buying my land with the part-built straw bale house - it's built from local wood and straw with a basic lime-render and it looks NICE, or at least it will once I've finished it, and it looks nice (IMO) because it has that natural functionality about it - made of natural materials (well, except for the roof, but that was NECESSARY and even that doesn't look that bad).

And my environment IRL isn't just about looks - that house has a view, it is built to be cool in the hot summers, easily warmed in the colder winters.... and it's got a nice feel about it too, same with the land in general...


And if people come over, all well and good, I'll happily talk to them IRL, or even on a Zoom call with my little fire going in the background, or the sun setting or whatever.

And all of that effort I've put in to making the house GOOD - it keeps me dry, warm, cool, comfortable IRL - and the natural background - well that was free, AKA the environment.

Compare that to the effort I'd have to put into constructing my virtual avatar, my virtual house, my virtual garden.... all of it would need building from scratch, there'd be a learning curve of how whatever system worked, hell, I might even CHOOSE the BETAMAX version of the future metaverse.... that would be a disaster!

Hence why the METAVERSE is probably where I get off, I can't see any real advantages to my spending time in it, when having a real life nice environment and social network NOT via avatar and VR just seems so much easier!


I am stuck in 90s :)

I like the virtual hivefest, but was bummed a little when I noticed that my oculus go device was locked out of altspacevr due to being discontinued. As I don't throw $things away, just because the manufacturer says it's discontinued, I would have liked to continue using it, was fun last year. So I'm stuck in 2020. At least I got the badge in 2D version :D

See, and that's another infuriating thing about tech/gadgets - manufacturers pretending like if you don't upgrade every time they tweak something, then you're a dinosaur in a couple of years and how could you possibly expect it to still work? Like I dunno, maybe if they still supported it because we can't all buy an expensive thing every year, more people would be able to participate in things. Sigh!

opensource fixes this

And I've read that Facebook (sorry, META) can just lock you out of anything you've subscribed to with that device too.

I might investigate headsets at some point - but i wouldn't buy an Oculus for that reason, and I think in any case i'd need a hard wired broad band connection and a desktop!

Maybe next year or the year after.

good thing is, they UNLOCKED the go. That is amazing, I just noticed it when googling for a jailbreak. This makes the device very useful for developers, you get root. Nice move, every company should open discontinued products so that the community can do whatever they want. My device will be useful for a lot more year that way.

Would not have noticed without this thread, so thanks :D

Stuck in 2010 with metaverse and in 2022 with crypto :)

I feel like Crypto is sort of META - Especially Splinterlands and Crypto Raiders, but so unlike reality it's different, THAT I can cope with!

I also have quite a minimized interest in the ongoing Hivefest, and I sort of feel guilty. I have tried to follow on YouTube though in bits and pieces but I think my own problem is my work schedule and lack of technical knowledge in the crypto space.

I hope next year will be better

Although altsapce has nothing to do with crypto, but it's still a learning curve. Not for me ATM.

I REALLY don't like talking on the phone BTW

Me too. I avoid it whenever possible, which is almost always.

And my wife is a senior telecom analyst specializing in voice rather than data, so the exact opposite of me. She’s immersed in phones.

What an interesting contrast, at least you've got someone reliable to make yer calls for you!

A virtual Hivefest is better than nothing and it's been fun to talk to people. We could do that on Zoom and I have been on some calls with people. Just needs someone to start it and invite others. Let me know if you want to do a video or voice call.

I know you like socialising in whatever environment, I'm glad it's going ahead as plenty people enjoy it, so fair game!

i say crafting your mental space, physical or mental is a hour to hour, day by day, year by year process and i say protect that always! so i can totally understand the "overwhelm" -- the portugal stuff is looking sweet, hope i can pick ya brain some time on all that stuff! legal and such like or posts where you have tips for interfacing with the country. i'm loving the crypto tax approach they have!

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I know more than one person whose looking to move over here because of their 0 tax on crypto trading profits!

Although I'm not an expert at all!

 I mean it's just not me - I don't spend money on fashionable clothes IRL, I don't spend money on decorating my home environment, I don't really do aesthetics....

Smiles.... individual differences, maybe because you are a man.

Possibly, more typical for men for sure!

I am going to try to log in today for the experience, maybe watch one or two of the talks but the social aspect is a lot harder for me in a metaverse. It's probably much easier with a headset. I was doing to get one for this year but didn't get it in the end.

It's worth trying these things out, but i just find these things awkward socially, like using the phone.

I used to think i was a bit of a social retard, but IRL parties are a doddle for me in comparison.

Well I am definitely about arranging and decorating my IRL space, but I can't do HiveFest because a VR headset is Expensive Rich People Toys, and I struggle to pay rent. I rely on hotspots for internet. Etc.
So while I think it's cool, I can't do it, even tho I might if I was flush with money.
So, I'm waving at you in our 2010s text-based internet cafe, lol.

Hey! Waves back!

There is that as well, it ain't cheap, VR ATM.

I can relate
Also awkward though I am interested to see where all this will go and how will I adapt if push comes to shove
Or perhaps I can just leave that to the kids....

If the Facebook meta takes off I'm selling my computer...