Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike and Rally in San Jose

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I just got back home about 30 minutes ago after attending the youth climate strike in downtown San Jose. I am really tired! My morning started early around 7am with a walk around Charleston Slough in Mountain View/Palo Alto (literally one side of the trail is Mountain View and the other is Palo Alto, separated by a line) for a refresher for my local Audubon's educational wetland docent program.

When I got home around 1130, I ate a bowl of cereal and then got right to getting ready to head downtown. In the last 20 minutes or so before I had to catch the bus, I found some paper I had saved from a package and made two quick signs to attach to my parasol. It was nice to be able to use my parasol as a sign and well as shade, as it was really sunny today! A lot of people liked and commented on my parasol, and a few times I did not realize someone was trying to take a photo until I turned around to see a camera pointed at me, at which point the person would explain they were photographing my sign, and could I just hold it down for a second?


I got on the bus and of course I fell asleep, because I will usually nod off on any car ride longer than 20 minutes. I woke up when the bus driver announced a certain stop and I got off without really fully waking up and realizing I was not were I meant to be. But I was close enough to walk to the meeting location and I also happened to be next to the milkshake shop that has vegan milkshakes, so I sat down for a shake and then walked the rest of the way to the march. I took a bit longer than I meant to at the milkshake place, but I made it to the march just moments before they started, so I was able to participate from the get-go.


Although the turn-out was nothing compared to the numbers of San Francisco, where students and workers from all over the Bay converged in the thousands, there were still a good number of people at the march and rally in San Jose.


20190920_151303.jpgMarching over the Guadalupe river towards city hall


20190920_154120.jpgThis is fine.

20190920_154149.jpg Didn't even notice the Santa Clara Vanguard jacket until just now. DCI World Champions 2018, and my youngest sister's last year!

20190920_154648.jpg Raging Grannies of San Jose! This is a crisis and time to rise up for ALL generations, not just our youth!

20190920_154749.jpg Extinction Rebellion South Bay.


20190920_155636.jpg Fellow DxE activist!


20190920_160115.jpg VERY GOOD ADVICE.

20190920_161403.jpg Go vegan or go extinct.



20190920_162159.jpg Stop your fuelish ways.

20190920_162515.jpg This guy was doing outreach on his own, and was very good at it! I encouraged him to come to a Cube of Truth and join the Santa Clara County chapter of AV (Anonymous for the Voiceless).

20190920_162910.jpg He had great graphics and info, especially the infographic in the previous photo. I wish I got better photos.

Afterward, I walked to a sushi place to get some vegan sushi. Then I stopped by the zero waste store to get a new toothbrush, charcoal stick, and another glass spray bottle, since I gave my last one to my mom. Then I hopped on the bus and went home.

Now I am going to try to watch Halloween (2018) without falling asleep. I smell the popcorn being prepared so I am going to end this post. Thanks for reading!


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