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RE: Things Just Keep Getting Stranger

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What a beautiful picture of you and the dog! Amstel looks like a good kid. They say that dogs look like their masters and I think it's true. jajajaja. In Venezuela we are in the week of flexibilization, so the economy has moved a little. The dollar is rising and inflation is also on the rise. The Venezuelan government was accused of crimes against humanity, but they remain unchanged. Anyway, I love that first image and I am looking forward to the whole book. If I am happy, I don't want to imagine you. May there be many blessings this week. It's decreed, Eric! A big hug for you and have a good weekend.


He's a very good boy, except when there's food around. Lol. Yeah, both he and I are getting gray around the muzzle. : ) I wish we could find a way to boot out all of these crooked politicians. They're like a cancer for all of humanity. We have more than our fair share here in America too. Sometimes I'd like to just move to a small island and start my own country. Thank you very much for the kind words, Nancy! Have a wonderful weekend!