Reevaluating the Work-Life Balance

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My priorities are my family then my Cybersecurity career. However, I recently noticed that for more than a year, I have not taken a day off. I always make time for my children and wife, but I am also doing work, research, consulting, writing articles, producing videos, or speaking at events every day.

I have not set aside time for myself.

Overall, it isn't a bad thing as I am passionate about cybersecurity. I really enjoy the challenges and strive to improve the industry. It is both my career and hobby. But I realized that doing work every day is a little extreme, even for me.
So, it prompted me to make a little change.

After a 15-year hiatus, I decided to get back on 2 wheels. I just picked up my new motorcycle and plan to roll a few miles every week. I have always enjoyed riding and now it's time to restore that aspect to my life.

I have recognized a behavioral vulnerability and am implementing tools and processes to enhance the overall work/life balance.

I encourage everyone, especially those in cybersecurity, to take inventory and purposely find a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. Cybersecurity is stressful and can easily burn-out the very best of us. Don’t let it get there.

Find your work-life-balance and make it a reality.


Stress relief is always important!

Cybersecurity is quite stressful. You get to see changes in the technology on daily basis. Hackers are evolving and their trends change regularly. In such case it is really a good idea to take out your bike and go out for a long ride to release the stress. Great photo by the way.

 5 months ago long as they don't hack my bike!!! :)

 5 months ago 

Didn't know you are a biker.

 5 months ago 

I do enjoy being on 2 wheels.