On playful photons sparked madness by Einstein

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There are those ideas that are so attractive and terrifying that people, including scientists, cling to them and work to implement them, or at least prove that they can be implemented, no matter how practically impossible. In my opinion, there is nothing clearer and larger as an example of this from the ideas of teleportation for humans and travel through time.

You may have noticed the addition of the adjective “quantitative” and “human” to the immediate transmission in the title, so what is the difference? Well, we “move” “quantitatively” quite easily by using the different vehicles (car, plane, ship, etc.) to move between one point and another point, but we actually and every moment we pass in this transition process we record a presence on the transmission line between the two points. For example, to move from my home to my job, I pass 9 traffic lights, cross over hundreds of people, touch the tire of my car, tens of kilometers of asphalt, and analyze my mind millions of data and inputs while I “move”, in a process that takes between four hours to five hours ( Tell me about the stifling traffic jam!).

Quantitative transmission

Now, what if you can switch in real time? You are now in your home, then “now” you are at your work! It has not passed what we can call a time! Your block and your sleeve have been moved extremely precisely from point to point in almost no time! Great of course! But have scientists succeeded in achieving this ?! Yes, they succeeded ... but not with humans!

This is the dilemma of immediate transmission: humans. While scientists have succeeded in achieving quantum transfer in the laboratory (on playful photons that sparked Einstein's own madness), humans will remain the impossible challenge, due to many reasons and famous paradoxes.

The problem here is that nature plays a terrifying and cruel game with us. What we think is impossible, we have no energy with it, we find nature applying it and having fun with it! The result? Thousands of theories that try to explain what we monitor and happen easily and smoothly millions of years ago around us, in preparation to adapt it to what serves us; but can this happen one day ?! Let's find this quickly together ...

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