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RE: What makes you tick?

in #life2 years ago

Hi @lymepoet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. When you say:

"Remember that multi tasking decreases productivity and creativity!"

I don't agree with your broad catch-all statement covering everyone. I feel that if a person can multi task and do it successfully, then it doesn't decrease their productivity. However, each person should realize how much multi-tasking is too much. If it takes up all your time and takes you away from your goals or set tasks you intend to accomplish, then reduce the number of tasks you're trying to complete simultaneously.

I have multi-tasked for many years. I had to with numerous things going on at the same time that had to be taken care of.

Only that person can truly say when multi tasking is not to their benefits or is doing more harm than good.


Thank you for the read and the comment. Yes, it is a broad statement, I agree. That's because of the number of those super multitaskers who thrive under pressure is lower than the others who are used to performing one thing at the time. Yes, it's a personal call, deciding what is too much.