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Hello there Eric, it's been a blast of a week for me, I started up that project and I've been busy raising the house from foundation level and in a couple of weeks I'll be posting photos of the house hopefully at whatever level I get to.
Anyway say no more, 2020 has been something else but then for some it's not been too bad especially in financial aspects. Uniswap made many people millionaires.
Anyway it's nice seeing you talking that walk, that was a beautiful shot there I mean look at the default HDR effect on that one. The dog looked badass lol like mean scobby doo hahaha.

Hopefully your book will come out quite nicely, it's been wonderful to have read some part of it.
How have you been?


Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on the house.

2020 has been such a year of extremes hasn't it? Financial hardships and then amazing things like Uni! I wish I wouldn't gotten involved in that.

Thanks, I'm loving the iPhone SE for photos. It's definitely a notch about my old 8. Video is where it really shines. I can't believe a $399 mobile phone can shoot video this good.

One of Amstel's favorite things is riding in the car. He's learned to "surf" on the middle console and leans into turns. Pretty funny.

Everything has been okay on this end, thanks for asking. It's been a busy week for sure, I feel like my head is spinning. There have been some challenges along with the good things but that's life.

Yeah I'll also consider that iPhone SE when I have the money.
Amstel yeah? Hahaha looks like quite the awesome companion in situations as taking a selfie and doing more amazing things hahaha looks like I'll be looking to have a dog too.

Yeah we ride on the challenges and the good side as well and blend it all. It's the reality that comes with life. Hoping to see the progress on the book as well soon.

You can find some deals on Apple's refurbished product site. I've bought quite a few of their refurbished products and many of them come with the full warranty.

Amstel's been a great dog. We've been on lots of adventures together. The beagle breed is wonderful but they require LOTS of exercise or else they can get destructive.

Thanks, I'll have more updates very soon! Take care, man!