FUTURISM: Getting Paid for Our Dreams

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Photograph: Jezper/Alamy (The Guardian)

About ten years ago, I saw this TED Talk on a brainwave reading device where they put it on a presenter's head who claimed to have never used it before. He was able to manipulate a cube on the screen simply by thinking about it. You can watch the YouTube video here:

I was hoping that Nintendo or Sony would add this device to their PlayStation or Wii systems, but it never came. The PlayStation 5 is going to be one powerful machine, so maybe we'll see it this generation.

Photograph: helloimnik (Unsplash.com)

I predict that if you've been a lifetime gamer like me, then your brain will be easy to read by the AI system. So we can finally get the last laugh at our parents telling us what a waste of time it was. I'm forty years old and I remember how horrible "old people" were at games back in the day, but not when I became a dad. I remember one day my son and some of his friends interrupting me and their moms from our illegal poker game. (Gambling is not allowed in Thailand. Neither is weed or prostitution, but everyone is doing it.) They had an "emergency".

I went into soldier first aid mode. Did I need to kill a pedophile? Was there a king cobra? Did someone break a bone or crack their head open? No. It was none of the above. They told me, "We NEED you to help us! Mario is stuck in a pit and your the only one good enough to jump him out."

Of all of the things we would've asked our parents for help for back in the day, never once did we need assistance with the Nintendo. Being born in 1980 was interesting, because I grew up alongside all of this tech. I built a PC from scraps back in 1993. I think this gave me a fundamental understanding of how these devices work. Even with HTML. I've tried encouraging many of my students to earn money posting here, but once they see a little bit of code they just shut down.

I just read this article from The Guardian. It explains how an AI system can now convert brain waves, to code, to English. It goes into the technical details a bit and finishes with the future dilemma of AI reading our minds like the Thought Police from George Orwell's 1984. You can read it here:

I have amazing dreams. They can not be put into words. Maybe when we dream we go into a deeper dimensional existence and that's why we sometimes see the future. I never see anything relavent. Just random things or people that I'll encounter that day. Now, what if we could put on a brainwave reading device that converts our dreams into something better than even Hollywood could produce? We go to sleep, wake up, watch the cool video our brain made, then we check our crypto wallets to see how much our dreams earned. I'm suspecting most of you will need a NSFW tag.




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