Meetings Interrupted Bring about Your Right Attitude

in #life2 years ago (edited)

If we are to check our weekly meeting schedules, I believe that we have a couple of meetings lined up that we are not really particular about because they just become part of a daily encounter with our colleagues, students, organizations, and friends. Well, I have several meetings cancelled because of the unprecedented happening that everyone is in one way, or another is affected.

In our school, this is our first week of online class preparation using RENWEB to get hold of our students who are undoubtedly bored waiting for schools to open very soon. I can say it without any shadow of a doubt because my students’ thirst for knowledge is evident in class. They do raise so many questions that most of the time, I have to cease them and tell them to keep their queries for our next meeting. Not to mention the desire to keep themselves on the pace of their daily tasks, either team or individual work. Talking of this daily encounter, surely such an atmosphere is missed. So to keep up with our classes continually, we get to maximize the so-called 20th Century Advancement of Technology.

It was out of my mind to take a picture of teachers in the computer lab who are so into their tasks for a new medium of excellent delivery of learning. Mind you, that the immediate adjustment is quite challenging because not all are tech-savvy as they say. Nevertheless, we all choose to be flexible as expected from an educator. (There are frictions along the way, but they served as learnings I would say.)

This week, I missed two face to face meetings and uncertain for the coming weeks depending on how the authorities perceive the current situations. For sure, we wait for announcements and news, but there are always remedies we could have to move on and still keep in touch with each other. Next week, it will not be like this again, because we can see each other through effective platforms made available for us.

An excellent example is what just happened a while back. I supposed that we would not be able to keep the meeting, but amazingly, we were able to do it. We started to use Hangouts, to Messenger and ended up to Zoom. We encountered many technical problems along the way. (miscommunications (human factor), signal, time and more.)





However, as the meeting continued, it went smoothly. The interruptions and minor challenges just faded to do a favour for the individuals who are just there throughout the process. They are the ones who are not afraid to try. The toastmasters who are willing to accept mistakes. Toastmasters who are eager to learn from each other and try something new. Toastmasters who are there to support each other even if it takes their time, and most importantly, individuals who still keep their character right from an unusual situation that possibly can piss them off.


It was great! Honestly, I do not want to be in the state of discomfort with changes and uncertainties whether what I am doing is going somewhere or nowhere, so it is a blessing in disguise. I have learnt a lot this season. I am writing each learning on my next blog. ^^


Thanks for reading and God bless you!