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I recently have started some new ventures, not sure if I would call them new ventures just yet or somewhere in-between the now and what is to become. Really I am just bored and looking at new ways to promote Honey Plants music. We live in a ever growing fast pass world that demands the highest caliber of technology while leaving last years models behind to melt in a caldron of un calculated dreams and desperate attempts to grow larger than life itself. Alright enough with the nonsense. Has anyone worked with Unreal engine. My friend gave me the grand idea (which really means it was his idea) to create a online virtual world to host a concert. Knowing all of our two fans will join I said sure why not boog down 8-10 hours of my life to create the scene and than figure out how to rent a space to host the green screen. I would love to hear from anyone that has worked with unity or unreal engine, thoughts , accomplishments, and failures? In about a week I am going to record a live session of us playing during our practice sessions and upload with 3speak. You all might get a kick out of myself the drummer and the computer playing along together. The new age of bands have a computer, we would like to kick him out but he does way too much at the moment. Any ways I am currently working on this tutorial and learning unreal engine. Today was hectic as I took my partner into the dental office for wisdom teeth, my pup which I will introduce later , barking like crazy, and me trying to come up with new lyrics sounding the meta verse for a new song. I usually write lyrics more abstract but now I am working on being really concrete with my intentions. Still hoping to land our first show out here in Reno Nevada. Anyone in need of some new age funk? We can really bring the heat! I will end it here or I would just keep on rambling on. ALMOST FORGOT WE HAVE A TRACK ON ALL PLATFROMS THAT CAME OUT LAST MONTH TITLED GOTTA GET UP TO GET DOWN. screenshot_473_.png



First of all: Welcome to HIVE.
Unreal engine: Have absolutely no experience with that. Is this some kinda Metaverse?
Have a little experience with AltSpaceVR. One can create a (little) world, a concert room, decorate it and all... And ALL for free as well. At least when I attended HIVEfest in 2020, it was all free of charge.
{LOL} all your 2 fans :)

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