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The tree images above is Mimosa Pudica, or commonly known as the sensitive fern or sensitive plant. This rare plant has an ability called thigmonasty. (big word right? But what does it mean?)

Basically this is a plants ability to move, or reflex, in response to physical touch, extreme heat or cold, or even drastic changes in light or darkness.

Studies with this plant have demonstrated its’ abilities to learn, count, produce ultrasonic music, and even communicate electrically with other plants.

In addition to the normal range of the touch sense, this plant has also been shown to detect changes in magnetic and electric fields.

This species is not unique in this ability, as many species of edible clover also demonstrate thigmonastic behavior as well as the little tree plant of Nepal, and a wide range of fungi.
The Venus flytrap is thigmonastic as well.

Thigmonasty has helped scientists understand how plants sense the world around them.
Similar chemical changes occur in non-thogmonastic plants indicating that, even though they don’t have reflexes, all plants may “feel” the harm we do to them.

Many cultures around the world have long since held plant life in the same high regard as animals and other life forms.

Plants’ rights activists in the global community are organizing to protect the oxygen producing species of our planet. This is a pivotal topic on the vegan battlefront and the use of plant-based fuels. As global oxygen levels decline, the destruction of plant life lowers the stability of our atmosphere, and the availability of oxygen in the air we breathe.

Lower oxygen levels have been linked to a wide range of respiratory illnesses in human children as well as pets, and is known to directly influence the size of pollenating insects.

Oxygen levels and Air Quality is set to become the next hot political issue the world faces.

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