I removed FB from my phone: Immediately I'm happier and more productive

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I didn't totally eliminate Facebook from my life but I took the first step. I realized one day something that I think all of us have become aware of at some point in their lives: That nothing good comes from being on there. I would find myself staring at my phone for long periods of time and at the end of it all I ever saw was the same garbage over and over again. I have a few friends that see it as their duty to post something political on a daily basis and these same people are constantly lecturing others on how they should live their lives.

Is it a coincidence that these same people are also not someone you would consider successful? Seriously, there isn't a single person on either side of the stupid Trump vs notTrump argument on Facebook that has really made anything of themselves. Most of them still live in the same towns that they have always lived in (not that there is anything wrong with that) and they all aimed really low with their life expectations... and they achieved that!


I'm not gonna preach about how I totally left Facebook because I didn't. My account is still out there I just haven't looked at it in over a month now. I can't leave totally because so many of the people I know this is the only method I have of communicating with them. I have tried to get them involved with Telegram or LINE but they can't figure it out or simply refuse to learn anything new. I don't feel like either one of those chat apps are "difficult" but some people just can't do anything unless it is made super easy the way that FB is.

So I was happy to hear that you actually can keep your FB messenger without it showing you anything about the main page. This is all I actually did and it was super awesome how almost immediately my life became far more productive. I was sleeping better because I didn't get caught up in the comments section somewhere, and any time there was a lull in my day, rather than just scroll away I got up and went and did something else.

Like most people I have a routine of sorts and within just a few days of ditching FB on my phone I found that I was finishing all of them hours earlier and was moving on to something I enjoy doing much earlier in my day.

Now whenever there is a moment in my day that I would normally spend scrolling endlessly through what is bound to the be the same ol' shit from people on FB, I instead reach for my trusty 9gag app. This is a fantastic way to waste time as well but at least it has the decency to be funny.


Sure there is nothing productive about any of this either but the comments section aren't filled with political bullcrap the way that FB is.


You aren't going to get any good information from Facebook anyway, and if your "Friends" list is anything like mine it probably has around 1000 people in it and you don't even remember who 3/4 of them are.

It was a small step and one that I just made out of the blue one day while I was on the sofa watching a Netflix show and realized all of a sudden that I didn't have any idea what the show was about even though I had been sitting in front of it for the past hour. I was staring at my phone the whole time.

I'm unlikely to totally delete my FB because I need it in order to talk to a vast majority of the people I know around the world. But in the meantime, simply holding down my finger on this one icon and hitting "uninstall" has already, just a month later, made my life a lot better.

I always knew that Facebook was a massive time waster, but it wasn't until I removed it from my own life that I truly realized how much of a waste it really was. Now I can focus on the more important things in life, such as finding funny memes and getting my work finished about 2 hours earlier than normal. I can always put it back later if I decide I want to get wrapped up in all that again.


I'm with you. I dumped fb a couple years back.

good job buddy. I need it for messenger and the occasional family photo posting, but now I have to make an effort from a computer to make that happen.

Congrats and cheers to that! 👏

I guess getting those people to move their asses over to this platform would be even more difficult.

I know I have tried, but even though I introduce them to a key management system they are always turned off by what they perceive to be a very difficult log in process. Consequently, these are the same people who frequently have their profiles hijacked. I wonder why that is?


I guess a custodial wallet management service is needed for people like them. Someone could probably make some money by running a service like that.

 last year 

I still use FB, well the Messenger really, to stay in contact with some peeps.

I went a step further and deleted everything I had ever posted and liked on there. I'm sure FB has that backed up somewhere, but it felt good to do that.

I did the same with my non-Hive Twitter as well.

I used to argue crap with folks all the time back in the days. Now, I just don't give a f. Let them dwell in that quagmire of misinformation.

that must have been quite an undertaking. There are some embarassing pictures of me and probably some controversial posts that I made but I don't know if I'm gonna do all that :)

 last year 

It took me several months to accomplish that.

ah, that is a good point, perhaps I need to get in there and do some deleting in a similar fashion. Seems like it would take a very long time though!

 last year 

I'd be lying if I said it didn't. I spent at least Q1 of this year deleting stuff daily.

You could always change the privacy settings to view by you only and delete at your leisure.

Can't really do it as it's a major form of communication nowadays. HIVE lacks peer-to-peer chat and that (as well as STEEM) has always been a problem.

whatever happened to Partiko? They had that feature in there sort of.

as far as I know they dropped off the radar about a year ago. First they stopped providing updates and now if i open that app it is showing posts from a very long time ago. Pity, because that was exactly the sort of advancement that we need over here IMO.

Did it ever have any chat? on any of them? I recall some sort of talk about it being done on several occasions.

I'm not gonna preach about how I totally left Facebook because I didn't. My account is still out there I just haven't looked at it in over a month now.

I've stopped using it completely when they asked me to send a copy of my documents. I can't login until I send them that information, so I've just abandoned my page years ago.

I warned everyone that I wouldn't be able to keep in touch and told them where to find me. Most of them didn't even made an effort to stay in touch... so I assume they weren't really my "friends" in the first place. 🙄

that's crazy man. I wouldn't have done that either.

It is pretty rare the amount of time that I actually spend on Facebook. I used to have it open on my desktop all day, but that isn't the case anymore. I have a friend that I didn't block but I just stopped following them. It made a huge difference. I used to hate checking my Facebook because I never knew what kind of trash they were going to share or repost. My feed is much cleaner now and I can quickly blow through all the updates in about five minutes at the end of the day.

I basically do the same. Some things I need to access on FB because they don't have any other method of contact but I don't even look at the notifications anymore.

I left Facebook and installed WhatsApp on the phone and Signal that both have the end to end encryption for communications with family and friends still on FB. My phone was constantly buzzing and being annoying busy, for no good reason. I mute half of my friends during political campaigns anyway.

I still have it and I will get on it from my computer, but, not on the phone. Messenger, I might have kept, but, it was highly invasive and wanted to be the default on my phone. Pfft. There was no way to get rid of that, so I got rid of it.

I think you did yourself a favor! We have better junk to watch anyway. :)

Thanks for the laugh.


The only beef I have with Whatsapp is that sometimes I don't want to give out my actual phone number and unless I am missing something, that is the only way to do it. I have never heard of signal but am going to look that up now. Thanks for the tip!

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I did the same thing essentially. I can't bring myself to totally dump it because I can't stand Whatsapp and it seems a lot of people all but refuse to use other, more secure chat apps.