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RE: Phone frustration Friday!

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Oh shit. Oh shit, dude. @kommienezuspast that’s horrible. That’s a frikin nightmare. That’s worse than any monster clown with eerie balloons. I can’t even imagine being in your shoes and not going Jason Vorhees on the dude. Daaaamn. Last year I had an issue with my iPad in which, after a “restore to factory settings” situation (before which I had backed all my Procreate work to the cloud), I was told my back up wasn’t restoring properly. Meaning that even though I’d restored the cloud to the new iPad, my Procreate files weren’t there. I spent weeks restoring repeatedly and talking both with Apple support and then Procreate support. I was shitting bricks every which way, because I had backed it correctly to the cloud - and no, I hadn’t backed it to iTunes (which they kept asking), because why should I? Shouldn’t the cloud be good enough? I mean, isn’t that what I’m paying for? Anyway. At this point they always mumbled some nonsense and that was that. After about 20 days since my last unsuccessful restore (and after Procreate support told me to restore again for the nth time but to then leave my iPad and not touch anything) my files came back. Ever since, I back it up every way possible, and regularly. That was a nightmare month, yet it doesn’t compare to what you’re going through. So so sorry, man!

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Oh, @eyedrip! That exactly same thing happened to me with my iPad Pro when I first got it. Same thing. The restore happened and everything except Procreate installed. I waited three days and it was still stuck in loading. I finally got impatient and deleted it, and reinstalled it. I didn't see any of my Procreate files for a week. Just gone. I eventually did a clean install and got sidetracked with a lot of photography work and after almost two weeks of continuously downloading in the background, my Procreate files finally showed up again. I immediately copied all the files over to the Files app and DropBox, just to be safe. This situation really does suck. I feel like I did all the do diligence to make sure this didn't happen, and trusted Apple to do the same. They didn't. It's human error, but you can't really put a cost on what was lost with that mistake.

Yup. We all make mistakes but unfortunately some have bigger repercussions than others. Hope your week picks up, man! Btw, finally got a chance to vote on your comic proposal. Can't wait for it to get more traction.