Why Choose Apple Over Windows And Android?

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When it comes to technology, I'm a firm believer in using whatever works for you, however, there is something to be said about Apple products. It's not just the "bling" factor or cultish behavior that keeps people coming back again and again.

Example: I have an Amazon Fire tablet. Got it cheap in late 2017. Still looks good and I use it to watch movies and TV series on Netflix. Paid about 150 bucks for it. So why do I love the iPad? About a year ago, I began having a problem with one of the features Android tablets claim as an advantage over iPads, the micro SD slot.

The Amazon slab came with 64 Gigs of storage which I upgraded to 256. Easy peasy right? Well, not long afterwards, whenever I wanted to watch a movie, it would only show 1 or 2 downloads instead of the dozen or so that I had. Turns out I have to go in and remount the storage. This has to be done every. single. time. the device is turned on. This is one of the reasons Apple does not allow SD card slots on their iPads. They just work.

At last count, Windows has over 1 million pieces of malware infecting their platform. The number for Macs is tiny in comparison. Many Mac users don't even have an anti-malware program on their machine -- they don't need one. It's a much more secure OS, which may not please the Windows tinkerers, but gets out of your way allowing you get work done. Are you going to pay more? Yes, but how much is your time and piece of mind worth? Apple's success is the reason Asian tech companies like Samsung copy everything Apple does...

Remember the iMac?

They made fun of the original iMac until it started selling. Remember how pissed off they got when Apple removed the floppy drive? The iPod was attacked when it was introduced, saying it was too expensive and no one would buy it. Verizon snubbed the iPhone in 2007 when they had first crack at an exclusive deal. Cingular (now AT&T) snapped it right up.

The iPhone ended up transforming the industry. Gone were devices with tiny non-touch screens and keyboards containing buttons that were too small to comfortably type on. No matter what you think of the company, you have to give them credit for popularizing a full-screen phone that actually works. Google had to go back to the drawing board with Android after seeing the first iPhone.

Apple realized that people were moving away from wired headphones, so they removed the audio port on the iPhone 7. The fury that followed, led Android manufacturers to run ads gloating that their phones still had a headphone port. The following year, they began removing it. You know, just like Apple... Who can't forget the heated controversy over the notch on the iPhone X. The company was roundly ridiculed for the seemingly odd design choice, which first appeared in the Essential device, with Apple finally perfecting it. Now, almost every phone has a notch. Touch ID, Face ID, Apple leads, the industry follows...

The Apple Watch is saving lives

We're all seeing news reports of people with Apple Watches being warned of potentially life-threatening conditions they never would have learned about otherwise. Also the many situations where the watch detected a hard fall and contacted emergency services when the person was unable to. This crucial piece of technology could have been invented by any company, but wasn't. Apple has genuine concern for their customers and was willing to take a risk in developing a transformational product that would save lives. There are many people walking around right now, that are grateful they own an Apple Watch.

These and many more reasons are why I choose to "Think Different" when it comes to tech. Steve Jobs said he wanted to "make a ding in the universe." and it looks like he has... Are you happy with your gadget? What are you looking for in the future of technology? Let us know in a comment below.

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