Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks

Despite all of the challenges this year I hope all of you US-based Hivians had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. My wife and I made a twelve pound turkey and a few sides then packed up to-go containers for other family members before coming back to the condo and enjoying the feast. It's a good thing we bought the turkey a few weeks ago because with people not gathering in large groups smaller turkeys were increasingly hard to find.

This Thanksgiving Day I tried my best to forget about the sorrows of 2020 and focus on everything I have to be grateful for, which is a whole lot. I have a tradition of reading George Washington's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, written in 1789. It's a good reminder of not only the strides we've made but also the ways in which we've failed as a nation.

My wife and I are looking forward to accomplishing some major goals next year that I'm excited about. We'll be exploring more of the world, learning new skills, and generally treading some brand new territory (literally and figuratively). More on that later.

Now the focus will be on Christmas. For those of you who've been reading me since the Steemit days you might remember my annual Pay It Forward For The Holidays initiative. I'll be kicking that off again here on Hive very soon!

Crypto Giveth, Crypto Taketh Away

The crypto market earlier this week was giving me major flashbacks of late 2017! I had almost forgotten how exciting it was to see so many green candles. Crypto Twitter was instantly ablaze with unabashed optimism, predictions, and shilling. Then a few days later it all crashed nearly as hard as it spiked. C'est la crypto!

Although most of those substantial gains evaporated (and then some) within the next few days, considering all the institutional money coming into the sector, the next year is going to be very exciting. I predict crypto will change the lives of many people in 2021-2022.

As someone who lived through that insane bull market of 2017-2018 (and made plenty of mistakes) let me advise you how important it is to lay the tracks before the train comes.

In short, be ready for the bulls – 1) Write down target selling goals and stick to them. Don’t let greed get the best of you; 2) have multiple exchanges in mind for coins you plan on selling; 3) make sure your approved transaction limits on those exchanges are high enough so if one exchange closes their wallets or goes offline you have other options; and most importantly; 4) Never keep large amounts of coins on exchanges.

Other than that, just have fun. For those of you who weren’t around for the last major bull run you will make memories that will last the rest of your life. As with anything in life you’ll win some, you’ll lose some, but you’ll be left with some unbelievable stories to tell your children and grandchildren.

Mindful Moments Update

I forgot how much work a book launch is but it's been invigorating and is dovetailing nicely. A launch date for Mindful Moments will be coming in just about a week or so!

I’ve assembled a very capable Book Launch Team to help me with some early reviews on Amazon. I’ve also created a private Facebook group for those not on Hive to gather, ask questions, and discuss the book.

I normally don’t encourage people to use Facebook unless they already are but if you’re still active on FarceBook (intentional misspelling) feel free to click this invite link and join the private group to receive regular updates and interact with the community.

That’s all for now.

How was your week?

With Gratitude,

Eric Vance Walton

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I love the GIF lol it's a typical illustration of what happened to BTC two days ago but then it might be the last correction to the biggest bull we'll see soon. I predicted BTC to hit 20k in November 30 seems I'll have to wait to see that figure. I don't own up to 200$ of BTC but then if Feels exciting to see gains even if it's 10$ gain.

Awesome time spent with your wife. 2020 hasn't been beautiful.

I knew the minute I saw that GIF that I had to use it! : ) I was convinced that BTC was going to keep marching past $20k during this last spike too but it's so difficult to predict. Even holding $200 worth of BTC you have more than most. Alts are going to soon be getting on the bandwagon too, that's how you can acquire lots of BTC. Hopefully the good fortunes of 2021 will eclipse the insanity of 2020. Great to hear from you, take care!

I hope 2021 comes with good fortunes like you've said because it's been a crazy 2020, mostly we in Nigeria have suffered one of the highest inflation rate and it's been troubling hopefully we can see massive alt rise too because BTC moon doesn't really benefit me since I don't hold much.

Me too! I'm sorry to hear about those struggles with inflation. I think the US will be experiencing a major financial fallout in the coming months due to the virus. The Federal Reserve has been pumping massive amounts of dollars into the stock market to keep it cranking amidst some of the highest unemployment numbers we've seen in decades here in America. It's not going to be pretty when it all comes crashing down. So many Americans have been conditioned to use credit to survive so it'll be very difficult for them to deal with it.

So it seems the situation in the US is being patched and there's a likeliness it'll all come crashing down?
That's painful, I mean Nigerians has started experiencing it hard one, I've decreased how I spend to match a certain expectations as everyone has now turned economists.
Hopefully we don't experience a global fallout

I'm sorry to hear that. I don't think we're out of the woods yet in America. The US is so big that it sometimes takes more time for the repercussions of bad decisions to surface. Hopefully I'm wrong. If it does happen those who own crypto should have a hedge against it though.

If not that I owned crypto I'd probably cut my food ration to maybe twice or once a day because of the high cost of feeding. It skyrocketed 4 times when the lockdown hit.

It's crazy that the price of food has quadrupled there. We've seen higher prices on things like meat and paper products and some shortages but nothing like those kinds of price increases. I'm glad you own crypto!

It certainly has been an awful year for many of us, but there's also been some surprising positives coming with it! Glad to hear you and your wife had a good Thanksgiving. Hope your Mom is doing ok, losing a lifelong partner must be so hard even though your dad wasn't well.
Crypto is just as volatile as the current state of the world, we just need to be patient I'm told by my son!

Yes, it's always good to look for the positives! That's often what gets you through the worst of times. My Mom is having good and bad days. There's so much administrative stuff to get done. To top it all off the Social Security Administration mistakenly withdrew all the money from her checking account after they were informed of my dad's passing and then made a mistake on her last monthly payment (not in her favor) as well. They were going to make her wait 90 days to get her money so we had to get one of the Ohio Senator's offices involved and they got the SSA to deposit the money they took back into her account within three days. We're still working on correcting the payment mistake. 2020, I tell you. Yes, your son is wise! I think he's right. 2021 will be the polar opposite of this year in terms of luck and good fortune.

That is absolutely shocking Eric, they should not have the right to withdraw money from one's checking account! 2020 indeed has been crazy; the stuff that's happened to us and just about everyone I know this year, has been quite surreal!
Things have been really quiet here on Hive as well, and I do believe it's the happenings of 2020 that's dragging everyone down at the moment. I think we need a revival of sorts here! Your book could not be more timely!

I know! SSA pays one month in arrears so they money they withdrew was from my father's September payment. According to their own website they allow the spouse to keep all payments for the deceased until the month of death which was November's payment which is to be disbursed in December. They also mistakenly withheld his October payment, leaving my Mom $700 to survive on for the month. After they withdrew the first check her account was $1,000 in the negative and they were going to make her wait 90 days to get it back. Thankfully the senator's office got it handled in a timely way, we owe a lot to them. It's criminal the lack of compassion some of these government entities have. My Mom had help but I can't help but wonder how many other seniors this happens to and they don't seek help and just have to figure out a way to survive. The US is definitely not a place for the poor, vulnerable, or elderly.

Yes, I agree! Hive seems a bit lackluster lately. You would think with all of this time on our hands people would be spending a little more time on here but it's been the opposite. I'm hoping HiveFest creates a boost in engagement. It's worked in the past. I'm VERY excited about the book launch!

I also wish the crypto market would improve. Here in Venezuela the economy is from bad to worse. The dollar and inflation are on a runaway horse with no brakes. The crypto currencies have become our salvation. As much as we have suffered this year, we should be thankful, because each of the vicissitudes we lived through left us with an experience. For example, before the end of the year we will see the publication of your book, God willing. That is a reason to be thankful and to celebrate. Have a good weekend, Eric

I'm so sorry to hear that @nancybriti. @sultnpapper's recent writing contest shed some light on the situation in your country. We aren't hearing much about the situation in Venezuela in our mainstream media here in the U.S. If it weren't for Hive I would have no idea how bad it was. Will you have to wait for new elections before it turns around or will it take more than that? Regarding the book, I should have a launch date very soon! Thank you and I hope you have a decent weekend, Nancy!

We had a tremendous celebration yesterday!
Those tips pertaining to cryptos are all so practical and conservative.
I'll be sure to remember them!

I'm glad to hear that! Thank you @silversaver888!

Thank you for the practical tips, @ericvanewalton! 🥰🌺🤙

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I just hope crypto currency don't fall like it did back then. Waiting for that your pay it forward brother. How I wish I'm in America now

I see very good things happening in the next 12 months. There will be ups and downs but hopefully, overall, prices will be trending up. Enjoy your weekend!

Hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good afternoon
What a year! many things to forget, and how many good things to remember; This year I bring out that the simple things in life are more important than we suppose.
It is interesting to hear what plans you have with your wife for the year ahead.
Excellent advice you have given us in relation to cryptocurrencies.
Felix for you, for how the book launch preparations are going.
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend; Enjoy it a lot

So true @jlufer, this year reminded us how important all the things we took for granted really are. I miss so many things. Socializing with friends and family is probably the thing I miss the most. Thank you my friend. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

We tried to get the little turkey breasts that we usually have throughout the year and everyone was sold out of them. It was pretty funny to see everyone out in their driveway with their smokers going yesterday. I didn't go the smoking route, but I still did ours on the Weber Kettle and it turned out fantastic. I am going to write a post about it in a second here. That is some great advice on the crypto-sphere. I have read a lot of people saying you can't compare this to the Winter of 2017 because we are actually about 6 months too early. Thing should really start picking up next year I hope.

We would have gotten a smaller breast too if we weren't sharing with a few other households. That would have been ideal. I bet the neighborhood smelled fantastic. Nothing beats the smell of grill smoke hanging in the air. I think we're early too. It's a way different market than it was in 2017 and it'll be very interesting to see how it all plays out. Thanks for the comment my friend and enjoy those leftovers!