Crazy Dreams, Wall Street Shenanigans, and Mindful Moments

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A Glimpse Of The Future?

Since my earliest memory, I’ve had lots of very vivid dreams. Sometimes these hyper-realistic dreams take place in a distant future. In later years, this has provided useful material for my sci-fi fiction.

This past week I had a dream that I was in a retail store, very much like a Verizon or T-Mobile shop. Only they didn’t just sell mobile phones and accessories in this particular store, they sold you access to every single thing you would ever need in this world – clothes, personal/privacy protection, food, healthcare, utilities, education, travel, communication, transportation, etc. In the dream you paid one price for your own individual “life(style) experience” and they took care of the rest.

At first I was blown away by how real it felt. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the great likelihood of this dream coming true. Without intervention, mega-corporations like Amazon and Apple seem to be on this trajectory. Like supermassive black holes, they will start to absorb all kinds of peripheral companies until there are only a few mega-corps left.

If this happens customers in some far-flung future would then be drawn to one company or another just like some people like Apple and others swear by Android today. These corporations may become so powerful that borders, as we know them in this time, will dissolve and people will be free to roam the globe as they wish. People would all occupy the same physical space but would have very different life experiences depending on the company they chose and the life they bought and paid for.

I think the idea would make a pretty good story, more on this later.


What an insane week in the financial markets. For once, it seems the little guys outmaneuvered the Wall Street hedge-fund billionaires. Lots of new millionaires were made. That is until Robinhood halted trading. The SEC has said they’ll, “closely review” Robinhood but I don’t expect it will be anything more than a slap on the wrist.

I have to admit, it was nice to see news headlines about the shenanigans in legacy finance overshadow the usual mainstream media fueled crypto-FUD for a change. Hopefully some of this past week’s winners will invest some of those new millions in crypto. The times, they are a’ changing. Crypto is growing up and exposing legacy finance for the casino that it is. That Satoshi Nakamoto was one clever genius, or several depending on the theory you subscribe to.

In previous years the crypto market has suffered a steep decline in the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year in mid-February and then started gaining again. I don’t see why this year will be any different. Time to do some bargain shopping!

Mindful Moments Book Update

The Mindful Moments Facebook Group had slightly better engagement this week. In another couple of weeks I’ll be trying to migrate some of these members to Hive as I transition content to the Mindful Moments Hive Community.

The NFT that Ophelia created for Mindful Moments was a fun experiment but, unfortunately, thus far has gotten zero bids on SuperRare. This is new territory for me, anyone who is familiar with NFTs who might have some advice on driving traffic to SuperRare and helping to create a buzz, I'm all ears.

The book has a total of five, five star reviews on Amazon currently! Thanks to everyone who has submitted a review so far, this is a huge help for a self-published title. If anyone has bought a copy I’d appreciate it very much if you left a review.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy what’s left of your weekends!

With Gratitude,

Eric Vance Walton

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Most of us have experienced a moment of perfect peace at least once in our lives. In these moments we lose ourselves and feel connected to everything. I call these mindful moments. Words can’t describe how complete they make us feel.

These moments are usually fragile, evaporating in seconds. What if there was a way to train your mind to experience more of them? It’s deceptively easy and requires nothing more than a subtle shift in mindset. My new book, Mindful Moments, will teach you to be much more content despite the chaos and imperfect circumstances continuing to unfold around you. Upgrade your life experience today for only $15.99 on

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How are you dear friend @ericvancewalton good evening? You are very right, what a week that cryptocurrencies had, it has been a long time since something like this has been seen, let's hope that the traditions of falling prices in mid-February are fulfilled, so that those who have not been able to buy we have the opportunity to get on the boat.
It is good that you will soon start bringing new people to our company.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night. and a happy rest

Hello! All is well, I hope you are too! How was your weekend?

all good over here dear friend @ericvancewalton, I take the weekend to update things in the garden. Thank you very much for your interest.
have a happy start to the week


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Awesome! I'll have a glass of cab. : )

A publication with a little bit of everything! What an interesting dream you had and very productive, Eric. I wish I could dream about things like that. hahaha. I'm going to believe that we have dreams according to the reality we have. What I wonder is that if we hire companies to have a life, according to certain plans, those who do not have to hire any company, what life could they lead. A very interesting idea to develop in a dystopian story. As for cryptos and your book, I hope there will be excellent news in the coming days. A big hug and take care of yourself :)

Variety is the spice of life. Lol. Yes, every now and then I have these kinds of futuristic dreams but it's only a few times a year. I think it's probably because I like to stay up to date on cutting edge technologies and such so I'm always thinking about it. In this dream my impression is most people subscribed to this kind of "enhanced life" as people do with mobile phone plans today. Thanks and I appreciate you dropping by!

You are fortunate to have such vivid dreams and remember them, sure this comes from having a vivid imagination!
My dreams are so scrambled and even though it make total sense when I wake up, by morning it's forgotten;)
Glad to see you've set up a Mindful Moments community, I've not been active much on FB of late.
I will order a copy of the ebook and then write a review on Amazon.
Take care my friend, sorry to talk about it but this new Covid variant is really horrid! We've heard of 2 young pregnant moms who both died from it, they're in their late 20s! I've heard there's 2 cases in the States, hope it doesn't spread further there!

Hi Lizelle! One thing I've learned from these dreams is our subconscious minds are always at work, even when we don't realize it. One thing I did in my early 20's was keep a dream journal. I found that if I scribbled a few notes about the dreams, just after waking, it allowed me to remember more and more of them. I appreciate you buying a copy and doing the review! Yes, these new variants are super concerning. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the tragedy over there. We just got a new variant from Brazil here in Minnesota. Supposedly, the vaccines will protect you from the most severe symptoms of any of the least that's what they're telling us in the US. It won't prevent you from catching it but they're saying it will protect you from dying. My Mom had here first dose of the Pfizer vaccine a few days ago and she gets here second dose on 2/18. I'll breath a sigh of relief after she has that second dose. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful week, my friend!

It has definitely been a crazy week. This weekend alone there was so much stuff going on that I am having a hard time catching up on it all this morning. I own a bunch of NFT's, but unfortunately I don't have much advice about marketing them.

Nano performed spectacularly this past week. It was so unexpected too with Chinese New Year coming up. I think I have lots of research to do on creating/marketing NFTs. It'll become a mission now. It bugs me when something falls flat like this, it just makes me want to learn all I can about it. I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Thanks, I hope you do as well. The company that I am doing some writing for on the side is moving heavily into the NFT space. It is definitely a up and coming sector!

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