A Sliver Of Freaking Normalcy

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A Sliver Of Freaking Normalcy

The Minnesota State Fair is an enormous deal in this region of the country and it’s also one of the largest state fairs in the entire country. Anyone who’s been there before can tell you it’s all about the food. You can imagine our disappointment when we learned the fair would be cancelled this year.

Thankfully, a few of beloved food vendors came to our rescue and organized the Minnesota State Fair Food Parade. For $20 you could purchase a ticket and drive through the fairgrounds to buy your favorites from corn dogs (or pronto pups) to chocolate chip cookies. My wife, son, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The State Fair Food Parade wasn’t nearly as fun as the state fair but this well-planned event was a sliver of normalcy during an extremely challenging year. The only thing I missed was my favorite, roasted sweet corn.

“Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser." – Wences Casares

This Week In Crypto

There’s nothing like waking up and realizing over 15% of your crypto portfolio has evaporated into thin air overnight. Nothing can prepare you for it. No matter how many years you’ve been in the crypto-world you never get accustomed to it, but that’s crypto.

Why such a steep decline? There’s a lot of rumors circulating about what caused this past week’s selloff but I believe the recent rise in defi-mania is at least partially to blame. New money is pouring in and chasing these insane gains and people are getting rekt, or should I say earning their stripes.

I was around for the ICO-craze of the 2017 bull run and can tell you I have a genuine concern with what this defi sector may do to delay mass adoption and tarnish the reputation of coins with genuine utility for those who don't know better.

I think defi-mania could actually stall the next proper crypto bull run by as much as a year. Like I’ve said plenty of times before, don't listen to me I only know enough to be dangerous. The truth is no one can predict what will happen, especially if they say they can. Even though it may not feel like it to those of us who survived the last bull/bear cycle this particular financial sector is still very much in its infancy. No matter what, crypto will continue to change the world in wonderful ways for many years to come, that much I'm 100% sure of.

Mindful Moments: Perfecting The Pause - Book Update

Beta Reading
Thanks to each and every one of you who’ve contributed to my beta-reading phase! Your feedback has been a tremendous help. I have two more chapters to post and then I’m going to incorporate all of the corrections and it’ll be ready to send to the book designer.

Ophelia delivered the sample illustrations mid-week this week and I gave her the green light to proceed with the finals. Her vision was completely in line with what I had in mind and these illustrations will be a wonderful compliment to the text. Since there is going to be a lot of word-based images she’s creating an inked font alphabet just for this book so the text style is consistent.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek just for you:

Next Steps
Next week I’ll post chapters nine and ten for beta-readers. Ophelia will be steadily delivering final illustrations for the book's interior. I anticipate getting everything to the book designer within the next 2-3 weeks. The book cover design is nailed down and it'll be in the same vein as the Aurora Borealis imagery I used for The Perfect Pause.

I still need someone (preferably someone well-known in the self-help, mindfulness realm) to write a cover quote for the book. If you know a good candidate for that quote I would appreciate any referrals!

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

With Gratitude,

Eric Vance Walton

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Our local county fair did the whole driver through fair food thing a while ago too. We didn't participate, but I know a lot of people in the area did. I heard the roads were all backed up with people waiting to get their food.

This was very well organized. We were in and out in just under an hour. I think they had some hiccups the first few days though.

Nice to see people making the best out of all of this chaos.

It was kind of sad how much fun this was. Lol. Any other year it wouldn’t have been.

It is insane all the stuff that has been canceled. Including Big Ten football.

I agree with you on the DeFi stuff. I think it will burn a lot of people and will injure the crypto market progress.

Not as bad as a BitConnect type situation but will smash a lot of people.

I’m going to miss hearing about my Buckeyes (Ohio State)!

I was really hoping for a repeat of the 2017 bull run with everything ramping up in the fall but that was naive on my part. The market and the world has changed a lot since then. I’m hoping this defi-mania fizzles soon and doesn’t wreak too much havoc on the market at large.

I think the next insane run is a ways off but I'm not sure if we will have some hard crashes like we saw in March or not.

I agree, it seems like it's going to be delayed until next year now. Some analysts are saying the stock market likely will crash hard shortly after the market opens tomorrow (Tues). If that happens it'll prob drag crypto down with it.

That's pretty cool to know. Love to know it

I experienced the wallet in my own flesh! Although I have little, it's all I have, so I almost had a heart attack when I saw the drop. Then I read some articles and posts around here, and I breathed even though I still can't get over the shock! As for your book, Eric, I see the first picture and it refers me to so many things! Choosing Ophelia was an excellent idea: it says so much in so few lines. I want to see more! I hope that next week will be productive and that the market will experience a rise. I hug you, Eric

These kinds of market dumps are psychologically difficult and even after four years they effect my mood. The one thing that makes it easier to handle is having faith that it will all go back up again. I do still have that faith but I think we still have a ways to go before it bottoms out. What concerns me this time is the crypto market seems to be following the stock market and I think stocks have a very tough week ahead. The good news is crypto usually bounces back as hard as it crashes.

I'm so happy with Ophelia's work so far. I think the illustrations will make the book a lot better than it would have been without them. I hope you have an excellent week!

Hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good afternoon
Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, any news related to money or investment greatly affects their values. you have to see what happens these days.

It's good that your book is almost ready, I am not surprised by the success of our friend's work with illustrations, she is my professional in her work.

I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend dear friend

Very true, @jlufer. I remember the market even being more volatile during the last bull run. One story about Bitcoin in the mainstream media would send it soaring. Now that it's more mainstream it takes more than that.

I'm getting very excited, and a little jittery about the book. Her illustrations will make it a work of art. I hope you enjoyed your weekend my friend!