Solar flare impact on Monday

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Region 12871 ejected a M2.8 flare which is travelling towards us.


We can see which region this is by using the

The forecast model is called WSA-ENLIL + Cone.

( iSwa )

Arrival forecast Sept 27 at 00:00 +/- 12hrs


Forecast Max Kp Range: 2.0 - 7.0

Kp 2 – Quiet – Auroras readily visible and become brighter and more dynamic
Kp 3 – Unsettled – Bright auroras visible at zenith. Pale green colour more obvious
Kp 4 – Active – Bright, constant and dynamic northern lights visible. More colours start to appear
Kp 5 – Minor storm – Bright, constant and colourful aurora display, red and purple colours appear. Aurora coronae likely
Kp 6 – Moderate storm – Bright, dynamic and colourful aurora display. Aurora coronae likely. Memorable to those who witness them
Kp 7 – Strong storm – Bright, dynamic and colourful aurorae. Visible in the southern sky. Aurora coronae very likely



And these cme spikes can spark off incredibly sized hurricanes.

The relationship with our start is pretty incredible.

And depending on how big it is it could wipe out All electronics on the sun facing side when this impact hits.

Basically imagine anything that isn't protected by a faraday cage is going to fry including every single new car all of your computers telephones laptops tablets electrical grid...

That's pretty rough day if you are connected to the internet.

This is the warm up, I am expecting solar max around 2024-25 and we may see massive X-flares like we saw in 2012. It only takes 1 direct hit with a big one to send us back into the stone age, and this is not an unlikely scenario, in fact it seems it has happened on more than one occasion in our past.


Actually I believe it was like 1906 or in the beginning of when we had a beginning power grid.

Within our recorded history we have absolutely had impacts. Especially within the electronic age and this is just another good idea for people to have solid State tools.

Absolutely this is a very realistic possibility and if you do not prepare and take some extra steps well the developed world is going to learn very sad lessons.

"A survey of the Anchor Church Caves in Derbyshire has revealed that they were inhabited as far back as the 9th century, as the Anglo-Saxon home of a hermit-king!"


How about the Eastern European entire cities that were carved out and date back to the younger dryas?

That would definitely have been extremely bad 60 here. Where they just continually got bombarded by comets.

There is a lot of dangers in the solar system that we are just barely becoming aware of. Quite a bit of these cataclysm stories and the ancient Sumerians are starting to end up being proven more correct than we realize.