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If you can still read this . Thanks God and you are still here !

Well, we are now almost on the 2/3 of 2020 and yet this pandemic feels like it's not going to be over !

This pandemic might never be over soon but at least there have some Pro's about these pandemic situation.

One of which is that being able to browse the internet and search for more ideas and inspirations on how to be more productive next year (hopefully this will end soon). Upon searching for new things to nurture myself. I stumbled on what is call 3D Printing. It's not actually new but it feels like I have something in mind that I might be able to turn into reality with it. I'm inclined to engineering field and would be advantageous for me as I am a techy nerdy guy who thinks like a JEDI in terms of computer stuffs. [LOL !]

Anyways, I like to ask for any help onw what low budget 3D printer would be good for me ? I'm talking about less than $350 to start with.

I have already been researching about Ender 3 Pro by Creality but it would be could if someone could shine a light in these new kind of adventure . haha

and guess who's back ? I literally out from steem since i've been busy with my engineering life and I guess this would be a good comeback for me ? I could still recall being able to participate in Utopian Micro jobs and Dtube and Dlive way back when it is still very fun.

Been drilling down about PH community but look like they are still on the steem side.

Hopefully I could stay longer now as I have more free time to talk about these future-hobby-3d printing idead and maybe I could share my works.

Hope everyone is safe out there. Wear your face mask as always.


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