Would You Choose Quantum Immortality?

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Hey Quantum-J's

Each day since the day we were born we've made certain choices that have lead us to today and will continue to do so until one choice has us ending up dead. Life is a game of Minesweeper in a sense but we do not give it much thought.

We concentrate so much on the physical world/3 dimensional world and all its distractions that we never stop to think if there is something beyond this, bigger than what we're mindlessly and aimlessly doing each day.

Let's face it as special as we claim our lives to be, a lot of it is rudimentary repetitive tasks with a few elements of life-defining choices that we make in between.

What is Quantum Immortality?

Quantum immortality is an idea that claims that the consciousness stays alive even though the conscious being dies. It relies on the many-worlds interpretation being correct. - Source: simple.wikipedia.org

How this would play out would be if someone shoots a victim, that victim survives in an alternate universe by being injured but living, or by the gun not going off. The person continues to survive in alternative universes where the decision or life event happened differently since all possibilities are played out.

This brings to the many-worlds concept into view and how there can be infinite worlds because each choice provides an alternative linear line that runs concurrently with the already established ones.


Image source: - science.howstuffworks.com

Would you want to view your quantum life?

So if we had some sort of AI that runs on some sort of quantum spectrum and it would allow you to either run the simulation or view the direct many worlds. Would you want to know how it all ended up?

How would your life have changed if you made the alternative decision? What would that decision have been? Seeing that play out could bring you closure or it could harness regret. Would you be willing to take that chance? Or do you find peace and contentment in having one linear path you've chosen to follow? That you have control over and you push it towards its eventual ending.

What do you think? Hit me up in the comments.


Image source: - lesswrong.com

Joe "Can't stop getting his mind blown" Rogan

If you want to know more about the subject check out this podcast that really took me down the rabbit hole.

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I think if it existed then everyone would dabble a bit, Maybe something small like not having eaten at KFC that time and realizing it is your moms cooking killing you instead.

Off the top of my head based on linear etc I think that is unlikely as a choice not made would stop the existence of a timeline that included said choice. Quantum from what I remember can both be on and off in the simplest state? So we either have an on choice which is the one for our conscience then the not followed one, kinda makes it feel like you then have a temp state where the "off" would be the placeholder until your next choice and could then be recalled, ok so maybe we have a single alternative timeline but multi?

Yeah explaining it to myself as I go... Multi would be if I consider others choices that do not affect me, do these then merge or remain infinitely separate? That seems very verbose and unlike nature. I would not mind though since I could find the timeline where no one affects me or the world where others have had the least affect on me, yet I can exert an enormous amount pressure with the least effort to have my will be done.

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From what I understand of the many worlds theory it’s not really a case of the time line ending but simply keeps branching off till it finds its various conclusions

It’s almost as if every choice is both true and untrue and you can explore them both

I don’t like to think about it too deeply or I start to get brain pain

LOL so basically you want to identify the path of least resistance! I think pain and angst is unavoidable regardless of the choice you make

I happened on a multiworld theory article while scrolling curiosity the evening, coincidence or universe trying to tell me I need to get working on being the first one of me to get to it or the other asshole me will kill us all.

This "article" didn't happen to be the movie "The One" starring Jet Li was it?

Nope :) although now that you mention it The One would be the way to go... without the pesky time cops.

I'm happy just to live my life and not know if there is another version if my life somewhere else.

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Lol I think it’s better because once you start looking at all the options I’m sure it will drive you nuts! One life is already enough to test your mental strength

Yes one's enough for me to deal with.

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