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We are pretty much doing the same thing in terms of voting. We work about a half hour away from where we live so we have been doing absentee voting as much as possible over the past several years. We live right down the road from the polling location, so we always hand deliver our ballots versus sending them in the mail. The biggest thing people need to remember is to not get all crazy when they sign the envelope. You need to make it clear and legible. If not they are probably going to trash it. I think it is important now more than ever to ensure that every vote is counted. Awesome news on the book front! We are in a little bit of a hot spell right now but the temps are looking to drop next week. We are going to take advantage of it and do some camping this weekend.


That's great advice about the clear signature! There's already reports of fraud and hiccups but, these days, who knows if it's true?

Thanks, in a way the book has gotten me through this year by giving me something positive to focus on.

I'm glad you're getting out to camp this weekend! How late in the year do you guys normally do that? I've been watching a lot of winter camping videos lately.

Enjoy your weekend!

My father in law hand delivered his envelope and they handed it back to him because they couldn't read the signature. Safe to assume it would have ended up in the trash if he had mailed it in. This year our last trip was supposed to be at the end of October, but that got cancelled because Covid pushed back the construction of the new bath house at the State Park. I usually have the trailer winterized and stored away at my parents by the end of October.

It’s scary to think this would have disqualified his ballot. Mail in ballots add a few more layers of potential problems.

I tent camped once on the Northshore in September and it was already getting down in the low forties at night. That would be as cold of weather as I’d want to camp in. It was difficult to stay warm even at that temp in a tent. I’m sure you could handle a lot colder in a camper though.