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RE: It's Evening...Once Again...

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Now that the sun has set in the West, as it usually does...evening has arrived in the normal fashion; dark.

Did you see the comet?
Low in the sky at sunset, they say, but I live in a city and there is too much light pollution for me to see it.

Why do the phases of the moon repeat day after day, year after year?

Couple more days and it will be time to start things.
You spent the dark side in the 'woods'.
Life has been much better for me since I started tracking that.
Start things shortly after the new moon, stop doing things on the darkside after the full.


No, I didn't see the comet but remember Haley's comet back in 1974.

I'm actually still in a City too after leaving NY (small one) but I have easy, quick access to the woodlands because of proximity to them - about a half mile away or less...which leads to some fairly vast State forests where the Appalachian Trail passes through.

Life has been much better for me

How so...??? I might like to hear more about good things in your life happening again, like when you were down in Mexicana and posting about it. The activism stuff gets old and wears on the soul; especially amid all those 'hidden' money men/Orgs that subvert with hidden, nefarious agendas...

Many years ago, I was a frequent visitor to an obscure, Downtown NYC anarchist bookstore and "learning" center... I was an avid reader of the weekly Village Voice...and still have that 1st or early edition of The Anarchist Cookbook.

Every so-called 'Leader' I ever met, turned out to be kind of suspect, not honorable, self-centered, sociopathic and generally reeked of the same shit the average Politician stunk of... (fake) It was all a façade for continued manipulation and control by those 'Shadow Masters', of common folk.

I'd say more about it and my experiences within the 'underground' network and operators met, but quite frankly...they and the pervasiveness turns my stomach.

Nuff said (for now) maybe ever???

That comet is ongoing, supposed to be under the big dipper.

I know the sound of this drumbeat is getting old.
I will be glad when the sleeple finally wake up.
Then I could move on to more illuminated news.

I had a copy of the cookbook, too.
Barricade Books out of Seacaucus, NJ.
It got lost in a move I wasn't in charge of.

The Poor Man's James Bond puts much more good info in one's hands, iyam.

I'd imagine that any dealings with various groups would all suffer from the same fatal flaw, they all were just wanting to be the new boss, freedom for the people wasn't the end point.

Even if the dumpster fire was to arrest hitlary and the bush/c_a crime klan, it would just be to further whatever goals the rich people that put him into office have planned for next.
It's not like they were gonna split up the wealth and expect us all to do our own things, or retire, or whatever.
'They' are still going to be all powerful in the society, and the rejects will still be rejected.

The proletariat masses are unlikely to ever reach enlightenment, imo.
And by that, I mean the rejection of rule over others by force.
Not gonna happen, just ask one.
S/He will tell you.

Yeah... 'Rule by Force'... Nazis burning down Russian villages and slaughtering 2 million citizens.

Stalin euthanizing a good percentage more...

Pol Pot slaughtering half the Cambodian population.

Mao disappearing 'useless' underlings.

Jews...Armenians...Poles...Ukrainians...Darfur...Kurds...and on and on and on it goes...

It is sad what has been allowed to happen.
The interwebz doesn't forget,...