Trust your gut 🧠

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I see a lot of junior Machine Learning Engineers saying "I probably just got lucky building the model".

When you work in a field that is new and rapidly evolving, such as Machine Learning, new papers are being published to such a rate that it is very difficult to understand whether you are up to date with the latest research.

We tend to think that this means we are not up to date with the field itself, and that is wrong. Every little piece of information that you acquire over time plays a huge role in your knowledge building.

Even for myself, it happens that sometimes I build something that it is difficult to explain, I just know that it has to be done in that way and that it will only work like that. It’s called intuition.

You don't "get lucky" in Machine Learning. What you have is called intuition, and intuition only comes with knowledge. Believe in yourself.

This is a short motivating post. Keep working hard, keep building knowledge and believe in yourself! 💥



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