ADSactly: The lost of empathy

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As technology increases we sometimes find ourselves losing ourselves in the romance of an online persona, with sometimes losing touch within the world around us within turn losing empathy on reality.

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Instead of actually talking to someone in front of us spending time with them, or going to chat with someone within the household, instead of jumping to our feet to move, we pick up the phone to text or ring.

It is easier to connect with those far away from us, but the ones close where is the contact of empathy, grounding ourselves with others, nature, animals learning gaining knowledge, just spending time.

We would prefer to spend time in front of a screen trying to perfect our gaming, singing skills getting frustrated to the point were people overcome with a rage of disappointment to smashing things, the frustration of time to get that perfect picture to add on social.

Have we lost empathy, appreciation of embracing being patient with one another we want things done within seconds that we forget the process of the brain of the computing time of understanding what is being asked, an accessing how one would achieve the outcome.
I'm bored is a common saying heard quite often, take technology away from a person see how fast they fall into depression, boredom that they don't know what to do with one's self. Have we just become lazy compared to our ancestors as they seemed to have a plan, what is our plan?

We have lost touch with our empathy grounding of nature, animals, caring for others truly spending time caring, learning.

How do we ground our empathy to regain it?

Written by @biglipsmama

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