Library Technology Insanity Day

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Today was already shaping up to be busy before I even arrived at work. Word had reached me through the grapevine that all remaining summer reading programs had been cancelled through the end of the season thanks to COVID-19 concerns. I was expecting some frantic Facebook time cancelling scheduled events and posting notices.

But there was even more in store.

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Our manager had also received last-minute word that her upcoming annual board report needed to be a video presentation instead of an in-person meeting. And today was the last day the district courier service could manage delivery of a USB drive in time.

So @generikat and I frantically set up the video recording equipment we had on hand for creating an upcoming craft tutorial so we could film the manager giving her presentation.

Updates ensued. The iPad, GoPro, and TV all demanded updates before we could do anything.

Then the Kat managed the slideshow. I manned the camera. I hoped we got everything we needed in one take, because Mrs. C the manager didn't want to do another.

Then came the fun of trying to retrieve GoPro footage from an iPad so I could edit on a Windows PC.

Apple is evil. That is all.

I instead pulled the footage straight from the GoPro via USB instead of continuing fight with WiFi and direct iPad transfers.

Then I did my best to edit it in a very short amount of time using new software I hadn't used before.

I survived.


We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Nice thinking on your feet. The Gopro is the worst over wifi and is best to hard wire, at least from my experience.

On setup, it demanded a mobile device to sync with. Otherwise, I would have skipped the iPad altogether.

It was handy to use the iPad as a sort of monitor and test device during setup, but I hate how everything Apple makes is a walled garden resistant to anyone trying tonuse it outside the parameters some Apple bigwig chose to allow.

I have neither owned or will own anything made by Apple. I have always, since the early 90s, had a strong dislike for Apple/Mac. The propitiatory nature of the company has always pissed me off and everything has always been way over priced. But I feel as strongly about Google for different reasons but they are far more pervasive in everyday life than Apple and harder to avoid in many cases. Android is a Google product.

I know. One of the reasons I am playing with Linux and the Raspberry Pi is to find alternatives to the megacorporations.

It's fine if you use it as a regular camera, but trying to remotely operate it using the app is always a nightmare. I gave up on trying to use it as a head-cam for that reason. I think camera glasses are the way to go.

Yesterday was definitely techno-weird, you totally made it work though, quite literally even;) I too liked having the Pie Pad as a monitor, but everything about that scenario reminded me of pretty much how everything is right now everywhere, COVID Chaos.

Speaking of, I hope the Procrastitaxers don’t annihilate you today!

There were a couple. "Oh, hey, do you have form so-and-so?"

And to think there are people who assume working in a library is a peaceful, easy job. Ha!