Caught red-handed, and other library anecdotes.

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Our rearrangement shenanigans from yesterday were found out immediately because the manager needed to find one of the kits we had moved. She needed to fill a hold request from another library, so I had to show her where things were now and explain what we had done.

It turns out our initiative was unwelcome, but mainly because she had been pondering a different process of her own. Fortunately, this led to more brainstorming, and as a result, more moving of materials as we weighed space availability and patron needs. It looks like a lot of stuff-shuffling looms. Unfortunately, we will likely have lots of time for such work since lockdowns and limited curbside service look like the norm for winter.

We had few computer users today, but one really irked me. Stop being old! Computers now are not hard to use. If you can find a website on your smartphone to explain what you need, you can definitely find it on our computer. Sometimes I wonder if my grandfather felt this way when his elders likely groused about newfangled motorcars and radio sets. If you want to stay young, be prepared to learn new things. Embrace technology and advancement. Keep some reservations, sure, but especially now with COVID disruptions and more paperless communication, it's time to dive the unknown and explore. Stop making excuses, and at least learn how to use a mouse!

Now I am off to a New Year's Eve gathering with a few friends to make pizza and play games. I will probably head home before midnight to avoid the drunken idiots and their post-revelry reckless driving.

I do have a new year's resolution of sorts, though. Aside from some recycled-laptop Linux project machines, everything is 1080p now!

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Stop being old!

Ah, if only we could! Yet I understand the point you are trying to make. I often feel as if I am constantly running ten years behind technology, but I try to keep up with the basics.

From some of the more entertaining experiences I've had with some of my peers (who still in this day and age think I know everything about computers because I'm a digital artist and worse still if they know I used to do webdev) and even kids (which is generally anyone younger than me), it's not just old people.

I feel old and complain about being old frequently but I'm not that old in the grand scheme XD