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I noticed that my voting service is not working anymore, Hiveblocks too (now up). Wrongly, I blamed Hive developers.

I get error messages like missing active authority. Hive has bad error messages due to Steem heritage.

Let's Encrypt

In fact, it was because of the Let's Encrypt SSL root certificate expired. Let's Encyrypt is a certification authority that delivers SSL certificates for free.

The web servers and softwares should maintain an updated list of certificates from legit certification authorities. Outdated operating systems have to install the new Let's Encrypt certificate manually. Many devices will have browsing issues, e.g. old Android phones.

Free Hive Voting Service

I use SteemJS in my scripts, for Hive and Blurt too. After HF24, I could not use SteemJS for all operations. I made the minimal changes, using HiveJS.

I updated HiveJS as advised, but that did not resolve the issue. Unluckily, I have to change my code.

Steem and Blurt were not affected by the root certificate change.


For several days I was receiving the missing active authority error while staking tokens from my wallet using Hive Engine. I was able to get around that by reimporting my account, so I thought that problem was localized to Hive Engine or to PEBCAK.

Thanks for posting about the troubles you were encountering. About an hour ago Hiveblocks came back online. Let's hope it's a long time before this happens again (as in never).

Magnacarta? I also noticed that Hiveblocks had come back. I went into that website just a minute ago and it was all there. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. 😀

It looks as if everything is back to normal, including Hiveblocks. Instead of a typo in a config setting, it was a lapsed file. Those things have a way of flying under the radar.

Droida? You wrote an informative article. Fortunately, right after I read your article, I checked Hiveblocks again and found that the website was back. Hooray! Now I can find out all of the information that I need regarding my Hive account. Anyhow, I gave your article a thumbs-up, and I do thank you for letting me know about it. 😀

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