@hiveembassy @hiveagency 04/02/23 [CyberResilienceAct][The European FOSS community] HiveMeetupBrussels Report EN/FR

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Cyber Resilience Act at FOSDEM 🥰

🧀 with fewer holes: "we want to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in softwares"

La loi sur la cyber-résilience au FOSDEM 🥰

🧀 avec moins de trous : "nous voulons réduire le nombre de vulnérabilités dans les logiciels".


🎪 La communauté européenne du logiciel libre se concentre sur de nombreux sujets liés à la confiance au #FOSDEM cette année. #confidential #computing
🎪 The European FOSS community focuses on many Trust related topics at #FOSDEM this year. #confidential #computing

Looking forward to meet tomorrow meeting at 11h in front of @tongo-logistic or at 12h at Fosdem. We will be posting some pics from there.

Thank you to all those who have understood the fight I am leading by helping and sponsoring me, which allows me to act on behalf and in the interest of the community.

Jean - Guest @thechamber

Nous nous réjouissons de nous retrouver demain à 11h devant @tongo-logistic ou à 12h à Fosdem. Nous posterons quelques photos de là-bas.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont compris le combat que je mène en m'aidant et sponsorisant, ce qui me permet d'agir au nom et dans l'intérêt de la communauté.

A l'horizon,

Rajiv, Guest @thetemple


Good luck boss

I followed you as a fellow Belgian hiver. One day, I'll try to make it to attend the meetup in Brussels!

Hi @stekene we are making @workshops everyday with @circulareconomy at his place for crafting and playing with wood and basically making upcycling.

Every sunday we are making a tour starting from @tongo-logistic at 13h. There we are working on @ioverses content to be processed by @iameai and @frameworks.

Sometimes we will be going at @bambukah to record some video to be broadcasted/aired/published for @pedagogy purposes with the support of @hiveeurope but also @medias-europe and @medias-afrique @youthtalk,...

We are a very strange mix of people, which make it so great ! Hope to see you around anytime :-)

I'll definitely be happy to meet you whenever it is possible for you we will plan a hive meetup for the occasion if what we've planned with @mammasitta doesnt fit your agenda, we're flexible ;-)

Best, R.

Oh, that's a big group of Belgian people :o
Never knew that there were so many here.
Will check out their profiles!

About meeting, I'll definitely check out the next meetings and see if the moment suits me. Have a quite busy agenda these days though, so I'll see what's possible!

Thanks for your comprehensive reply!

Thank you for your nice report and organisation of the meetup! It's important for the European community.

What an impressive meet up!
I really would love to come to Belgium one day!

@sofibofi and me will join one day, too! 😉

sure :)

J'économise un peu pour t'envoyer dès que je peux!

Le poids des mots sera plus important que la contribution que je t'ai envoyé. Tu as tout mon soutien @jnmarteau, Caro

Un petit coup de pouce de l'équipe @neomad! On ne peut pas oublier ce que vous faites et ce que vous faites toujours 👏👏👏


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