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RE: Is Nikola a Fraud? $NKLA Discussion Post

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I wouldnt say that it is a fraud but it would not give it a great chance of success. The automotive business is tough and there are a lot of better players out there. Tesla is at the top of the class along with Amazon (they just bought Zoox).

The vehicle industry is going software, hence we are going to see a few "operating systems" dominating. I would say in addition to Tesla, and Amazon watch Rivian. They have a nice backing and have been at this a while.

The traditional auto makers will likely collapse as we move into transportation as a service.

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I am really surprised that Rivian is not IPOing in this environment. With TSLA screaming higher and the EV sector exploding this is the perfect time to raise money for the future...maybe they don't need it...

Have you read this yet? Playing out to a T...

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They got more than a billions dollars from GM, Ford, and Amazon so maybe they have enough to bring their first phase to market.

I believe there will be an IPO, maybe they are waiting to get some production before doing it and raising more money.

I believe Ford is in a desperate situation so it needs to really have this pay off.

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