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RE: Centralization, Decentralization and Pseudo-decentralization

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An interesting topic. I view it more as a hybrid system and think it is a phase we will go through. We are not near a decentralized internet or world. Yet over the next decade, we will see us move in that direction.

Is it Pseudo-decentralized? Call it what we want, kind of like a DEX with has a foot in both worlds.

Ultimately, most will move to decentralized since that is the way technology is going.

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Imagine you fell for such scam(I know its impossible) but lets just imagine you did, but you had a chance at being fully refunded at a fee. Will you opt for it?

Yes a hybrid system. More like an insured DeX

Hmmn. I can't really tell, but i can speak for myself and for me, im going the fully decentralized way. Thats my ideal.

Thanks for your opinion

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More like an insured dex