Hive Equality Trends October to December 2022...

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For the first time in many, many moons there has been a slight shift towards greater equality on Hive in terms of the distribution in the size of accounts, and more so in the distribution of cumulative MVESTs across those accounts.

I use @argange's daily Hive Statistics to collect the data below...

Accounts per Level

accounts per level.png

(December 4th 2022)

A/COct 22nd 2022Dec 4th 2022

The above chart suggests that there has been an ever so slight shift towards greater equality in terms of the distribution of Hive accounts - with Whale accounts remaining stable at 37 and a slight increase in Orca, Minnow and Dolphin.

There have been relatively few new Redfish level accounts being created over the past six weeks compared to previous months.

Cumulative MVESTS per Level

cumulate MVESTS.png

(December 4th 2022)

A/C22nd October 20224th December 2022

The above chart shows percentages per bin, and we can see that there has been a move towards greater equality here too - with .6% of cumulative MVESTs moving from the whale accounts mainly to the Orca accounts, but also to Dolphin and Minnow Accounts.

Final thoughts...equality trends rather than inequality trends.

I must say it's been nice to be able to change my usual stock title for this tracking post, the first time in many such posts I've been able to use the word 'equality' rather than 'inequality' before 'trends'.

In terms of the relative increase in the Hive 'middle class' (Orcas, Dolphins, Minnows, the shift is small, but in just 6 weeks I'd say a 6% shift in Vests from the 37 Whale accounts to the 10K or so 'middle class' accounts is encouraging if you believe a wide spread of Vests is desirable - and if you're into decentralisation I guess that is desirable.

However accounts does not equal people and for all we know there could be the same number of people controlling these new accounts in the middle class bins and the MVESTs across them, maybe it's just a whale setting up a number of alt accounts.

But all we've got is this data and that at least suggests greater equality so as far as I am concerned happy days!


I had noticed a nice increase in minnow and dolphin numbers lately. I see that as a good sign. Plenty of people powered up at the start of this month. The low price may be encouraging them to buy some $HIVE and stake it. I hope it pays off for them.

Ah yes, low price brings opportunity!!!

How much HIVE do accounts need to have to be considered red fish or minnow?? Are we a red fish?? We have 20+ HIVE

You need about 550 HP for minnow, 5500 for dolphin etc. Keep on powering up.


Awesome thanks ♥️

Hi the boundaries are very roughly 500 minnow 5000 dolphin 50 000 Orca, so < 500 is a redfish.

Thanks 😊

I have never heard of many of the terms you use in this article.

Definitely a positive as this is what we all want to happen.