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Welcome to the world of 24 hour trading of crypto currency. I am thrilled to know the crypto currency
market mimicking real life movement. No closing whatsoever like the stock market or forex market.
This is a plus for this environment and this is why it is so volatile. Sincerely humans being are volatile
as well since we change ideas so fast. We all know bitcoin has been named digital gold. Gold price is
still in the US $1740+. I know there is more business going around gold than bitcoin.

#Btc is still mining and only less than 2.4 million left to mine. This is like a pressure cooker for #btc going forward.
Only 21 million will ever be mined, so around 18.9 million already in circulation.
Before I go further is it important to have satoshis somewhere in your cold wallet?
Not a financial advice but it make sense since it is still affordable.
By looking at the wallets moving #btc only 3.5 million roughly are giving us the 24 hour valuation of $17 billion.
Around 11+ million #btc do not move. They are stored like gold for future investment.

I can see why #tether is taking a huge advantage to simulate the dollar for trading with all altcoins.
This is a trend worth following cause when #btc become scare, another alt will pull the weigh.
Which one people will trust? In the long term #btc is play the guarantor of the crypto market.
Hard to predict a clear second winner, except for #ethereum. So far they are busy building dapps
and they will benefit from this alliance.

We have a valid reason to value all altcoins in #btc. This way it will play in our mind that is the de facto
value we should implement.
Just like hive is worth 2657 satoshis. That way you will emerge to understand the value of bitcoin to lead the way.
The number of bitcoins in circulation in the trading world will slowly diminish when investors hold them to raise
the price and push for defi economics.
Apparently before the end of 2020, $10k+ valuation looks promising.
What is important now is to have a plan of action to get yourself deep into crypto.
If #btc is out of reach, definitely all altcoins will start finding their sweet spot to grow.
Are you ready ?


Am very optimistic about the value by years end. 10k looks very promising

It looks that way from all end
unless it keeps moving sideways for weird reasons

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)