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Last week I need to do some errands and trying to stay light I forgot my cards.
For the first part of my endeavor I did not go straight to any store. Apparently having
my iPhone with me was the secret sauce. Touching left and right is not recommended.
When you go out lately, wearing a mask is becoming second nature. Even though I do not see
the real use case, it is good to protect your family and your surrounding.

Looking through #Statista, digital payment segment is growing at a pace of 15% year after year.
Taking away covid-19, this trend just excel to a point where places that keep old system are changing
rapidly to grab all the sales they can.
Gas station, restaurant, shopping center are all upfront and make it possible for everyone to use cashless payment


Are you still paying with cash? Lately I have not pay much with cash. In South Florida few places accept cash so there is no need to use it everyday. Touching cash is another problem cause you do not know where it from, like some do not care.
Avoiding cash is a good way to minimize catching any germs.
Just by itself people are using less cash to do remittance.
Here we have an array of system put in place to service you.

Apple pay is my main use case. When you go to Walmart, they have their own pay system where you may never touch anything except the bag. Use your phone to scan the QR-code and the system does the rest.
Even a big chain grocery market in the South Publix comes with their own pay system. The trend is gaining momentum.
Facebook saw the opportunity with Libra. Now it is on a detente to get it moving.
With Whatsapp at its disposal, Facebook is pushing to serve this market overseas.
Not just Facebook looking to capitalize, PayPal, Amazon, Google and we know Apple pay from get go.
All these moving parts will benefits the crypto world in a nutshell.

You need a community to get moving.
Having all these parallel system should not be shy with #btc and altcoins. Either way they will have to include us in their system. Voila !
It may take couple years to implement but having money flowing the community way, they have to come to us in order for their service to grow in the contact less and digital payment.
The community is the value. Someone will find way to put #hive to good use.


Life changes for good and touch-less system is the way of the future.
Innovation is just getting started.
Since I left my cards at home, I did not know how I was going to pay for my fresh pizza.
Luckily Apple pay is available. So happy to know that this sale is on the bag.
I went to Aldi, same thing with a little wave payment is made and I am done.
If you have cash, put it in safe place in case all systems are down.

I am not saying cash is obsolete like I hear it everywhere. I can tell you using cash is standing on one leg waiting to get help.
Walmart has more cash less portal than actual cashier on hands.
Home depot same thing.
2020 is pivotal in many ways and covid-19 just telling us to jump the herd of fiat.
Crypto still acting new for many. They will embrace it. They are waiting for #bitcoin
to value at $50k and you will see the FOMO coming from everywhere.
Whoever owns a digital crypto, just hang on to your stash cause soon you will put it to good use.


Personally, i dont like having cash with me because it helps prevent unbudgeted buying. Although digital is not really a thing yet but i try my best to keep the ones that can be digital,digital..

It depends where you are.
But it is coming full force
from that crypto will emerge as a clear winner.

Well said


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