Crypto up ! crypto down ! Highs and Lows ! Weekly report !

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Good evening dear Hive community !

Here is a fresh crypto report of Week n°6 of 2022.

crypto (1).jpeg

Today 11 Feb 2022, I still HODL fiercely my precious bag of Bitcoins, Dogecoin, Hive and Litecoin.
This is an Only diamond hand Report HERE !


At the time I write this article, Bitcoin worth 43,485$ . We started the week at 40,350$ and encountered a spike at 45,650$ 3 days latter, but apparently it was just a little pump and dump.

But everything looks fine, Bitcoin increased its price by 7,7% this week.
So the future still looks respendish and promisful.



At the time I write this article, Dogecoin worth 0.1515$. We started the week at 0.1432$ and encountered the same spike as Bitcoin 3 days later pushing the Dogecoin price at 0.1711$ and back down.
I confess that I am a bit disapointed, but as Bitcoin, everything looks still pretty well for Dogecoin with an increase of its price by 5,8% this week.



Hive started its week at a price of 1.069$ and at the time I write this article it pushed it price to the highs with an increase of 3,7% of its price. That pretty cool and comfortable increase for all the Hive community.
Congratulations everyone ! Go on the same !



Litecoin seems to be the star of this week, it started its week at a price of 117.86$ and is now at 132.68$ !!!
WOW such an increase +12,5% for Litecoin ! Market correction is coming ??


Litecoin seems to be the winner of this week. HOLD ON everyone !

How do you feel the next week ? Which is your coin bet for the next week ?

Please share your point of view ! And TO THE MOON EVERYONE !!!!