Hive - a friend in need is a friend indeed - Day 51

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What am I doing in here? My first contact with Hive was when I made my Splinterlands account, after @costanza relentless 'spam' of battle challenges, if I remember right. I got him, @chorock and @mercurial09 to thanks about this game, as I am having a decent account right now, mostly build without major investments, just by doing the daily quest and buying other cards with the DEC from the matches. My only real investment into the game was FOMOing and buying land. Lots of lands. With even more of it gained on the raffle.

This made me play a few more games on Hive, with few of them actually liking to explore. I will mention Dcity, Cryptobrewmaster and RisingStar in here. I have a love/hate relationship with Exode, but other games did not manage to get my attention.

And then, something happened. After reading few of my co-national @acesontop posts, I ended up being curious to see what that Leofinance is. And boy, oh, boy, this opened a whole can of worms. I discovered the tribes, with quite a few that I like, adding to the one mentioned before (proofofbrain, stem, archon, neoxian and of course splinterlands). This used to be quite a problem, with one day of the week dedicated to manage all the layer 2 tokens received upon the previous 7 days, this until the amazing team of made the extraordinary one click StakeMyTokens tool. This little gimick got me a lot of extra time.

After I discovered the Hive-engine, of course, and I started to get some of the passive income tokens. Now I am fixated on Brofund, Utopis, Dhedge, Archon Miner and LBI. I am trying to build a stash that will generate more value over time, a kind of set-and-forget portfolio.

And then the Universe expanded. We got Cub on Binance Smart Chain, and potential on MATIC (this one I did not check it yet), but on BSC I am getting close to a nice round number of CUBs. And my story is a neverending one, so who knows what will happen next? Not me, for sure. But I am excited to be here. On Hive. With much more friends, even if they are just virtual ones, too many to mention all of their names. A shout-out to you all.

That's all for today.

All the best, George

Why not...

...have fun and win rewards on my favourite blockchain games (Splinterlands- Hearthstone-like card game) (Mobox - GamiFI NFT platform) and (CryptoBrewmaster - Beer factory sim).

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That's quite an interesting hive journey you've got there.

Glad you could explore most platforms on hive, it can be a little bit confusing sometimes but we keep learning more everyday.

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I didn't know I was spamming 'battle challenges' :-)
If me spamming things is anything to go by, I would say try and explore Clash Of Streamers on mobile (, I'm quite big on that one right now when we are still early. It requires far less time than Splinterlands daily.

Anyway, nice to see Splintelands really worked out and you are doing very well with the game, congrats!

It certainly is a lot all the things that are going on on this blockchain and the time required to do everything properly also adds up like crazy.


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