Google trying to stop Chromium-based browsers to eat into Chrome market-share

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So, do you know that Amazon, Google, Facebook and the rest of Big 5 are actively trying to kill any small business that can endanger their market share in the medium and long term future? Because they do. 

One of their axxxole move lately is to remove the support for Google services related to Chromium. Stating from 15.03.2021 Google will limit the access to Chrome APIs. The developers (think at Brave, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi) will still have access at the moment, but their quota will be limited, so they cannot get it for a mass usage. Right now this are the numbers for last month:

Browser Market Share Worldwide - January 2021
Chrome 63.63%
Safari 19.37%
Firefox 3.65%
Samsung Internet 3.49%
Edge 3.24%
Opera 2.16%

The thing is that, while Chrome like browsers are still using their own servers to store the user-related data, they are still using the Chrome like extensions, as people are familiar with them, also, there are much more developers creating Chrome extensions, even as a hobby, unlike on other Google non-related platforms. 

So, if Alphabet (Google) is doing a power move stopping other browsers to get their extensions, will you still stay with them? I must to admit, I got quite used with Brave right now, but i am using at least 4-5 Chrome like extensions. I am sure some crypto related projects will adapt, but how many? If you are that naïve, keep in mind that Android was first hugely promoted by Google, when they were trying to decrease Apple domination. On top of that, Chromium is an open source project, so maybe some company dare to fork and make their own version, free from Google Chrome influence. I can see Brave for example being able to do this, with all the support they get from the crypto-sphere. I am sure are quite few brilliant developers willing to give a hand. If not for money, at least for the freedom of the Internet. 

Shall I even start to talk about Google latest blunder? Did you hear about Nmap, an open source project created by our friend Gordon Lyon, which can analyze your network, find exploits and neutralize threats, a great security tool? Suddenly a 10 year old tool as Nmap was blocked by Google Chrome, being labeled as a threat (you know, the way many other crypto related projects are mislabeled these days. Who did not want us to get access to crypto? YouTube tried, Facebook tried, Google tried too. Can you read behind the lines? They will try to retain their power (and all the money and data related to the user that needs to be sold for them) for ass long as possible. Coincidence? I do not think so.

That's all for today, think and choose wisely next time. 


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It is a power play indeed. The harder they can make it for people to go around them, the better. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, people are slowly starting to see behind the curtain. For all his faults, Trump accelerated the process greatly by exposing the hypocrisy and lengths these monopolies will go to in order to maintain their control. Banning him was probably the best thing that could have happened for showing people how blatantly these giants manipulate and try to control "free" speech. If they can do it to the president of the US, what do you think they can do to us?

amazon is doing that from years. if somebody has some big seller item, amazon will manufacture it right away and get the profit promoting their own first.

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Thanks a lot for reminding all of us how those big companies are the cancer of our society. We should reduce/remove our usage of it as much as possible. That’s the easiest way to shut them up. Just changing our behaviours.

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they are good pricewise, but that is not the only price you pay, right?

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