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RE: I've Got 1.146 Million Starbits Staked - Should I Go For Starbits Millionaire NFT?

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Getting the millionaires card was a no brainer for me. You dont loose your starbits, they are staked, so thats easy. It takes one week to apply, which is not long, so thats fine too - the creators just have to check out the stake, etc and do some due diligence to stop scammers from getting the cards, which I think is a good thing.

The extra 10k starbits daily is huge - you could then use that to buy back into records or other cards to earn more from the game. I've had the card for about 6 weeks or so, and its made a huge difference for me.


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Thanks a ton for sharing your experience. 😊 !LUV !PIZZA !CTP