Investing on Hive (Sidechains) Post 14: Long Time Away

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Hive Engine (Hive Sidechain) Investments

Well, It's been a handful of months and I haven't kept up with the returns on anything. They've definitely been growing, although the markets are down, so their value is less at the current time. This is no issue, as I see the value in the different coins, which takes time to fully reach momentum. Years and years going by still only counts as the beginning in something that's timeless and has a purpose. That being said, Steem, Hive, the Hive-Engine... All babies in the grand scheme of things. This is still one of the best times to collect, as mass adoption is still not here, but as time goes on, people will understand crypto is going Nowhere.


Epic Token1
August 2022 - 224,000 EPC @ 0.00006 Hive/Ea ~1.703 Hive~

EPC has been a consistent and strong roi/passive income producer! The value tends to be extremely volatile, with market gaps well over 50%, meaning if you can get your hands on some cheap and sell it even at the bottom of the current buy values, you can make crazy returns!


dCity Token2
Aug 2022 - 24,000 SIM @ 0.0004 Hive/Ea~0.68 SIM~

SIM has been consistent over time and pays daily on the SIM earnings. Working up toward earning holding rewards for SP here very soon!


LEO Token3
80 LEO @ 0.17 Hive/Ea ~17.31 LEO ~

LEO is steadily declining in value, but as I saw it, it was overvalued in the first place as many currencies are. That isn't to say it's not worth more, but in it's current state, it's a good thing for it to lower in value! This means less barrier to entry for anyone new joining in and participating as well as more stake to be bought for me and those already involved, for less cost! :)


Neoxian City Token4
4,000 NEOXAG @ 0.001 Hive/Ea ~407.68 NEOXAG ~

NEOXAG is strong and the rewards easily keep coming rolling in!


Waivio Token5
40 WAIV @ 0.12 Hive/Ea ~3.21 WAIV ~

WAIV is consistent as well! Love to see it!


Splinterlands & OneUp6
200 SPT @ 0.00235 Hive / 200 ONEUP @ 0.0056 Hive0.99 SPT ~ / 0.55 ONEUP ~

SPT and ONEUP are still going strong. :)


Other notable investments7
?H = Hive
DEC1,000 @ 0.00182 H & 600 @ 0.00188 H800 @ 0.00219 HN/AN/A0.27 DEC
SPS4 @ 0.139 H & 3 @ 0.144 H3 @ 0.192 HN/AN/A0.15 SPS
CCC1,000 @ 0.00111 HNoneNone1,000 CCC14.91 CCC
CTP100 @ 0.0237 HNoneNone160 CTP71.44 CTP
STEM20 @ 0.03 H & 20 @ 0.02 H20 @ 0.0364 HNoneN/A40 STEM16.92 STEM
SME1,000 @ 0.000499 HNoneNone1,000 SMENone
POB10 @ 0.0255 HNoneNone10 POB0.133 POB
VYB10 @ 0.0245 HNoneNone10 VYB0.151 VYB
CENT10 @ 0.01495 HNoneNone10 CENT0.31 CENT
DHEDGE164 @ 0.14 HNoneNoneNone0.035 DHEDGE0.041 Hive

These are all great investments with a low barrier to entry that you can have fun with and experiment on how "Tokenomics" works and what returns you can expect to see numerically, across the board based on different code settings and configurations!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share opinions of your own and discuss the topic in the comments! :) Always open to new ideas/investments.



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