A new hope (Binance Smart Chain, not StarWars one this time) - Cub Defi after 12 hours from launch

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After what i perceive to be a tremendous amount of work, done in relatively short amount of time, the LeoFinance team, initially based on Hive, started their second cross-chain enterprise, with Cub Defi, on Binance Smart Chain. Their first try was on Ethereum, with Wrapped Leo, providing liquidity on Uniswap. Leo and Hive matured as tokens and they keep going up, despite BTC correction. 

The numbers for these ones are:

So, last evening their BSC application launched, and the whole online medium was in frenzy (lost of Hive users on Discord, Noise Cash, Torum and even here on Publish0x). The address is https://cubdefi.com/ and I must tell you, at the moment the APY (annual profit yield is crazy). Check those values. 

Yes, we are talking 4 digits in return, more than 1000% in yield. Of course, it is a Degen APY, and it will go down slowly, as more people will join the pool. However, if you are here early, you may enjoy some nice returns. First of all, if you never used Binance Smart Chain until now, you need to set it up on your Metamask wallet, as this is the easiest and safest way, with you having the same ETH address also, so if you ever mess and send to the wrong address, like ETH to BSC or the other way, you will still have the right address. My brother Paul made an extensive post about how to set up the Metamask for BSC (link here). 

Once you set it up, you can connect to Cub Defi application using your Metamask BSC setup. You will need some BNB to pay for the fees (which fee per transaction is an awesome 0.05-0.20 USD, as opposed to those naughty ETH fees that are hundreds of dollars right now). Then you need to decide what do you want to do, provide liquidity or use the pools to mine CUB. I am not a fun of providing liquidity when the market is wildly up or down, due to some bad experience with Ampleforth. After noticing the 4% deposit fee, I decided to use some of my Cake tokens to mine some Cubs, and I moved some BNB tokens to my Metamask, where I exchanged into Cubs (Cub compounding pool is the only tax free pool) using the exchange:

Then I just staked all the Cub tokens in their pool, and I must say, I went to sleep, to wake up and discover that i made 40% profit in just 12 hours. Of course, this will decrease slowly over the next few days, but I plan to keep my crypto in the pool at least until the APY will reach 140%. Which may be few weeks or few months for now. Once there, I will exchange some CUB into Leo and Hive, back. At the moment the interest rates are still quite enticing:

After only 11 hours, Cub Defi reached a promising $2M in TVL (total value locked). They are lucky to have a working product on Hive and ETH, and a nice and helping base of users on Leofinance.io forum. (Getting a little side-tracked, did you know that you can make an account on Hive, and write for tips in there also?). On top of this, the team working on the project is very experienced with crypto, some of them being part of the old guard starting in the Steem forum days, many, many years ago. They are real people, with real addresses, not some SushiKing pseudo-anonymous developers. I interacted with some of them online, and i can see that they are sincerely interested in the ecosystem success, as a whole, not in promoting every piece of the project as a separate entity. Even the return fees collected by the team, they are not used, but burned instead, increasing the value of the token even further. I cannot give you financial advice, but I can say about myself, that personally i believe in this project. 

All the best, George

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It now reaches about 9$ and 3 millions

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