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RE: The Social Credit System Is Coming...

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I admire your certanty, but the groundword is already being laid, and I believe each country will have their own unique flavor of a Social Credit System, the US included. Its important to realize that the Chinese model began not with government, but in the commercial worls, and we're seeing some of the same starting here.

I'd love for your opinion to be right, but the arc always seems to bend towards more survelliance and comtrol. One year ago, very few people thought the US Supreme Court would overtun Roe vs Wade. Now we know better. One minute we think it isn't possible, and then it happens.

With the shadowbanning on social media, the vaccine passports were a way of introducing the sort of control:reward that the system needs. On Twitter for instance, if you discuss certain subjects they increase the "velocity" of your tweets so that very few people see them as Jack Dorsey himself said in Joe Rogan. Talk about "approved" subjects, and you're good to go, same with YouTube, etc.

That's one of the reasons I left Blogger and joined what is now Hive. I wanted ownership and control of my content and Hive offers that.

That's one of the reasone we're here on Hive. The need to decentralize our lives will only grow in the future. We need the community on Hive now more than ever.

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I was not expecting a long response so long. But you are right with centralized social medias they have push it hard to shut your voice if you talk about sensitive subjects. Like the vaccine passport, I needed to enter at the restaurant during the pandemic.