Would you be interested in going to a Disney Metaverse Theme Park?

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Which company might be next to get involved in the metaverse? We are already hearing about those like Nike and Disney who are looking to establish their footing in this market.

For Nike the metaverse is going to include NFT shoes that are made for a virtual world and they have also filed several trademark applications as well, preparing themselves for branching out into this area. Last year we saw that Nike bought virtual sneaker maker RTFKT, so how long until you are interested in owning a virtual pair of Nike shoes? No doubt there will be some, maybe many, but there will also be millions who could never dream of caring about owning virtual clothing or shoes.

That isn't going to slow the metaverse down any. Real estate sales in the metaverse are expected to surpass $1 billion and after Nike and Disney there are others who are also looking at getting involved like Adidas.

Adidas has already sold over $22 million NFTs, this means roughly 30k NFTs had been sold.

For Disney there is a lot of potential to capitalize on interest and demand for the metaverse space. Why not create more virtual experiences linked with the brand? Some suspect that Disney might create a metaverse theme park, and many might be eager to visit the virtual park for that unique experience.

How many might opt for online experiences over in-person ones in the future?

The metaverse is going to bring more options to the market but not everyone is going to find them appealing over in-person activities.

Previous surveys have suggested that large portions of consumers today are already saying no to the metaverse though many still are unable to define the term.

Different mobile apps are already using the term to try and attract new users, there are hundreds of apps that are using the term. Zuckerberg previously estimated it might take 5-10 yrs before we see the metaverse and its key features become more mainstream.


Let's make our own Disney theme park in the metaverse!😁

You know what's funny? When I was a kid I remember going to some sort of... I don't know if it was a museum or what you would call it... but it had this large Auditorium and you would watch a screen where you are on a roller coaster or something. It really felt like you were the one on the roller coaster too. You can feel the swaying left and right. You can feel the drop of the coaster going down. I thought that was going to be the wave of the future, but I never experienced anything like that again. Even virtual reality type stuff with the headset didn't feel like that. I'm not sure where I was or what was going on with that... but I'm sure other people remember the same thing.

hmmmmm. interesting ideas, but they would have to become something more and established before I would think of going to such a theme park.

A lot of hype, misguided in my opinion, in the early stages. We are still a long way from what many are imagining.

However, corporations will help to push things along even if it is not how people envision.

They are not building the foundation, which is going to be a problem with their approach. We simply need to see the computation progress to realize what is possible.

A lot of marketing hype out there.

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